Where is Moz?



Getting a brazilian wax for Damon. Eating enormous amounts of swedish chocolate from Marabou and english toffee.

Damon licks him clean.


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Not at the moment, politi. I may do tomorrow. I know you find bread gross. I feel out of sorts because I've been starting my drinking earlier in the day and then coming home while it's still light. Ages ago, I'd be arriving home late at night or in the early hours of the next day. It seems strange being back home now and waiting for all my food treats tomorrow. I'm going to alternate between naughty things and good things. Get some fruit and veg down me and then be ready to go back to work on Monday. I've not eaten for 2 days. I'm counting the hours until tomorrow's feast.
you should drink less but im not your nanny so i dont what to tell u what to do even tho you did declare your love for me! as for bread, i do find it kind of gross. i like fruits and nuts.


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I've been going wrong with meat. I've eaten so much of it just lately and I can't explain it, but it's made me feel sluggish. I fell into the trap of not having fresh fruit and veg at hand and then despairing after my drink binges and going into Tesco metro or sainsbury and binge buying. I've been spending 30 quid or so on crap food every time I've been out. I stocked up with some fruit and veg this morning and made sure I had loads of vegan treats ready for tomorrow. Meat doesn't agree with me, although I love eating it.

oh god. im not a priest.

I Am Hated For Loving

Is that true? Well I wonder and I often have

E Scott

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I just watched Chernobyl Babuskas and I swear one of them was Morrissey in a head scarf. Maybe he hangs out in the Ukraine.
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