Where did it all go wrong Morrissey? by Michael Calderbank - Red Pepper

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By Ugly Devil on Dec 3, 2017 at 3:10 PM
  1. Ugly Devil

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    Dec 18, 2008
    Where did it all go wrong, Morrissey? - Red Pepper
    He was once a radical icon, but now he's a mouthpiece for racism and nationalism. Time to get off stage, writes Michael Calderbank
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    1. 001
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    2. Daniel Maher
      Daniel Maher
      I must say, I'm getting increasingly bored by all these identical 'I used to love Morrissey when he was fantasising about Margaret Thatcher having her head cut off, but now he has dared to say things not approved of by me, I hate him' articles.

      Why should anyone be in the remotest bit interested if you have decided for whatever reason that you don't like a pop singer? That's your prerogative but it's not interesting to anyone but yourself, surely?

      Personally, I find the use of words like 'toxic' and 'problematic' to describe Morrissey's views, deeply sinister. Fair enough if you disagree with Morrissey, but there seems to be a vague suggestion that Morrissey is committing some kind of offence or wrong doing for what he says, and should be censured, silenced or otherwise shut down.

      The indignation that a singer doesn't agree with what you think (even though perhaps they never did) is pathetic. Morrissey owed you nothing when you were a disaffected alienated adolescent, and he owes you nothing now. You have not been betrayed. Buy his records or don't. Go to his concerts or don't. Like him or don't. Agree with him or don't. No-one give a toss.
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    3. Imbrie
      Prepare thyself for Skinny's wrath.
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    4. 123xyz
      I thought this would be just another gripe by a middle-aged man about how "Morrissey let me down" but happily the article goes beyond that and appropriately takes him to task for his weirdly casual dismissal of legitimate grievances regarding Israel ( i.e. the Palestinian ones ..) .
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    5. Halloway
      The trouble with articles like this one is that the writers do not seem to understand Morrissey. He's contradictory, he makes oblique points, he makes points that because they diverge from current received wisdom, are deemed inappropriate. He seems to delight in goading and winding up journalists and latterly the perma-outraged Twitterati.

      He has a particular world view (not one I share on the whole) that has at its centre the notion that the state is always oppressing the individual. So when Morrissey made that comment about the UKIP leadership election, I believe it was not because he supports UKIP but because he believes that the state, the powers-that-be, the old-school network are up to their wicked ways again.

      Likewise with his comments re Kevin Spacey and sexual abuse. I think Morrissey's comment about 'clumsy sexual advances' has the ring of truth about it and certainly contained nothing that sought to justify or excuse the actions of sexual abusers. In fact, I think the next line in the interview had his utterly condemning such abuse, but of course if you have it in for Morrissey (as many do) it's convenient to forget that line and just concentrate on twisting the one before.
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    6. Tibby the cat 93
      Tibby the cat 93
      Is it me or are these articles increasingly plagiarising each other successively ? This looks like others re-jigged.Is there a template for lazy journalists to use ?
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    7. Daniel Maher
      Daniel Maher
      Very much seems like it!


      By A. Bigbaby

      I used to like Morrissey when I was 16 and girls didn't fancy me. His songs about loneliness were obviously sung directly to me, for my benefit. When he was saying all sorts of crazy stuff that was sort of against the things I didn't much care for, I thought it was great! But these days I am a forty-something who works in the media and I have fully subscribed to a list of approved opinions on all sorts of things, like:

      UKIP - racists, and everyone who supports them also racists
      BREXIT - bad and everyone who voted for it is racist
      ISRAEL - Baddies. Everything to do with Israel is really bad. Shouldn't go there in case anyone thinks that you don't think it's bad.
      ANYONE ACCUSED OF SEXUAL IMPROPRIETY - is a criminal, who should be imprisoned, or at least have their career destroyed, regardless of the scale, context, or evidence.
      NOTIONS OF NATIONAL CULTURE - racist to even go there.

      It's true, Morrissey has said some things I like, like killing Donald Trump, that ones alright. But the fact that Morrissey, when asked about certain things, has chosen to express his own opinions that do not chime 100% with these above approved views has shocked me. I did listen to his album, and it's really good and he sounds great. But calling a song Israel is a personal insult to me and as such I'm throwing it in the bin. So there.
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    8. Tibby the cat 93
      Tibby the cat 93
      Brilliant. You must copyright it though.
      It's next weeks N.M.E.
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    9. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      In short he doesn't think things through. If he did people would stop calling him a twat and might listen to him. I never understood why, when it's obvious that he wants to convince people to think along his lines that he can't be arsed to put his point across in a way that doesn't antagonise everyone who isn't a fan and half of the people who are. Much of what he says is completely self defeating.

      I defend his right to say what he wants to the end though.
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    10. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      That was fucking brilliant and hilarious! :D
      Post of the year......so far!
      Still time to even beat it! :thumb:
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    11. AztecCamera
      I reckon me heard Uncle Steve is being a real dick now when he orders his coffee at Caffe Luxxe and when he has to wait in line during all you can eat potato taco Tuesday at The Sunset Marquis. I hope he isn't turning into a bitter old man.
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    12. Surface
      What you on about Billy Bullshiter, he said he doesn't live there anymore?
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    13. Derek17
      I agree all round.

      The truth is too that Morrissey has been flippant about a lot of things. It's not like he's even got a consistent and serious set of views on a lot of topics. The fact that the thought police come after him in a serious and aggressive manner merely for things such as speaking out against terrorism, making a joke, or being obviously sensational (in other words, things that they deem to be inappropriate and therefore must shut down rather than simply tolerate and accept that they disagree) just shows how broken public discourse has become.
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    14. AztecCamera
      You are the one being bullshitted because Steve's marketing group in El Segundo has let it be known to interviewers he doesn't want foreigners like you stalking him and sleeping in his trash cans at the bottom of the driveway like at the old house in West Hollywood so there is the entire 'Home is a Question Mark" and "he doesn't live there anymore" thing now that is being fed to the foreigners. Also, for whatever reason, it pisses the foreigners off that he lives in America, especially LA, goes to Dodger games, races jet skis, surfs, and drinks coffee, so he doesn't want all this publicized so he can sell tickets when he tours foreign lands every 4 years. The majority of Americans hate Trump anyway, so that isn't being anti-American. Stop being delusional and get on Neds Atomic Dustbin's or Big Country's board. Leave All-American and future Mayor of LA and Governor of California Steve P. Morrissey alone.
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    15. BrummieBoy

      Morrissey is indeed guilty of 'wrong-thought' according to the insipid SJW tribe he's courted all these years who now read about alt-right edge-lordism in The Guardian and are very, very, very, very upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      "I don't owe you anything, but you owe me something"

      Cuts both ways, honey-chile! The ex-members of The Cult are very dangerous....pOSSIBly even TRigGERED!!!! like wot my best mate IRL Sweeney wuz...seriously we're BFF me and John. I run the BBC now too.....wait till the stick the knife into Moz good'n'proppa..then C4 will denounce his 'wrong-thought problematicism' and I'll just wet myself LOL'in at the telly, innit....anyroads...

      Bitch, pleez! b4realz!!! Morrissey has BETRAYED EVERY BODY!! That's why his descent into reputational oblivion is just to die for, darling...the 'Jacky' video?....I was vibin wiv RuPaul, doing a Skype 'elevator pitch' to Mock Morrissey via the cat-walk....DRAMA!!!!


      I've made.....some....decisions......

      Bozz Borewhore....you are a Diva, you OWNED that stage! .....Shantay...you stay....

      Dorrissey.....you are a Diva, the devious Diva of all...but....you're wig fell off.....your collar was turned up.....you......*hiss*........sashay.....away......FOREVER!!

      XO! XO!

      BB -BrummieBeeatch!!!

      [WTF! Where is this taxi, I'll never get to Brum in time now....Diesel!....cancel this morning's appointments...my hair needs.....urgent....attention.....]

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    16. BrummieBoy
      Yes. They come here. They read 'BrummieBoy's comment history and the scales fall from their eyes. They achieve sartori/nirvana/enlightenment. They are rescued from the hell-zones of 'Being Morrissey-Fan' and they then re-frame my insights for the 'clueless consumers' of the 'mainstream media echelonz' or whatever that word-salad lyric is..

      And yet, The Cult here think I'm a 'voice in the wilderness'.....really?

      I am widely worshipped by every journalist though they know it is beyond verboten to approach me/she/them/us, the Singularity Art Terrorist Possee that is 'Bankzy-Brummie-Boyz-Brissl-Brum'. Etc.

      Might get my son to crack out a mash-up of 'Jacky vs Bish-Bish' [Morrissey Diss Remix]


      [ps: thought I'd revive/mash-up my Britney 'medication failure' gurney melt-down/True Brit-London UK2012 London Olympics personas for a while.... for the lulz....deal with it...]

      It's BB, bitch...

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    17. BrummieBoy
      "I hear you!

      Fookin Kultural Marxistz ruining it for everyone who thinks they HAVE 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS to take their 4Chan personas into The Town Square.SAD!

      Even though they live under the English Libel Slave Code...,or they'll go postal with the 2nd? Except that doesn't exist in Engerland either...CENSORSHIP!!! hey? Bollocks.

      Free Speech doesn't insulate anyone from the consequences of other people's reaction to their free speech. Deal with that before presenting any more xerox'd Brietbart Stans parody. Next they'll be doxxing everyone on these boards, including the 'best friends on the payroll'.......:rolleyes::lbf::p:rock::guitar:

      If Morrissey 'presents' as a IRL meat-space he can't seriously claim the naughty-thought 'privilege' of online psuedo-anonymous avatars..... Morrissey's entire Crank-Fraud career as a faux-Radical Artist has been premised on his claim to 'authenticity' and 'sincerity'. He can hardly now whine just cuz he simply lacks the ability to navigate the real/fake/unknowable private/public persona Hall Of Mirrors that genuinely cutting-edge Artists like Bowie, Larry David, Frank Hvam/Casper Christensen, BrummieBoy & Matt'n'Trey display..he simply isn't talented enough, hence has been hoist by his own retard-troll-petard. Karma is a bitch. Deal with it Morrissey.

      Bowie dropped the whole thing in his last decade when he 'woke' up. Larry David is no longer 'edgy' just....uncomfortable for a lot of folk. Frank Hvam refuses to troll Islam anymore because....not 'cartoons of Muhammed' but because he sees the reality of Denmark's tight-rope walk dealing with these crises. Would Matt'n'Trey add Muhammed to a cartoon these days like they did back before Trump arrived and shit got realz?

      Daniel. Your concerns are valid and expressed with panache. The italicised text above isn't to troll or insult you, just to mock and wok-stir-fry the Word Salads that were Morrissey's TTY meltdowns of yore..his public utterances now would look fine under the wildest YouTube comment rubric..I note you don't mention his appalling comments on China..or Oslo...Paris...Manchester...etcetera...etcetera.....

      The problematic core of the meta-problem is that 'Persona Non-Grata Morrissey refuses to actually define what it is he is 'trying' to say...he always simply flames a topic then slinks away...as culture evolves, nearly all now know how to define his modus operandi - but many didn't in the 80s hey-dey. He is a Troll. That's it. Sorry if that destroys your perceptions of him but seriously, he's just a singing troll, a dodgy Smurf in a cashmere cardigan or a saddo wool suit who thinks he's 'vegan'....if he's as confused about his sexuality as he is about his 'veganism'.....Lordy!

      Have a nice day.

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    18. Surface
      The only person obsessed with where Morrissey lives is yourself, Aztec Bullshitter, no one else gives a shit. Make sure you check your alcohol level before heading off for another day of parking cars.
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    19. NealCassidy
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