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I am aware that the ludicrous 'Morrissey is Far Right' attributions have very recently wiggled back into minor vogue on all of the usual gossip sites. This rush is, I am assured, in view of Miley Cyrus wanting to be removed from 'I Am Veronica', and suddenly the very dated rehash of "This is because of Morrissey's political views" wobbles out - delighting those for whom I am a book that under no circumstances can they stop reading. My friends are fully aware of a certain aim to put me out of circulation, which has inexplicably become relentless even though the entire point of Cancel Culture is to never again acknowledge whomever has been cancelled. You cannot constantly vomit out the same regurgitated "he should not be listened to" dirge year after year, because YOU are displaying an obsession that you urge others to avoid. I had secretly hoped that the glorious benefit of being cancelled would be that I could never again receive a bad review, because even to give me yet another oh-so-predictable bad review confirms that I am not, after all, cancelled. But the Cancel Vultures write only in headlines; they do not answer questions; their darts aim only for the inspired elite of perceptive intelligence. The Vultures are usually chief exponents of the hate and harassment which they themselves define as justification for Cancellation of others. Cancel Vultures are unknowable blanks, and they only attack those of whom they are most jealous - because others don't count. They will not forgive you for being alive, but they will not square up to you face-to-face because they would be forced to look into your eyes … where the wordless truth resides. Worst of all, Cancel Vultures cannot ever apologize for being wrong. This would be worse than death. I have been invited onto U.S. and U.K television news outlets to discuss the situation with Miley and 'Bonfire of teenagers', but of course, there's no point. In truth, Miley has backed off for reasons unconnected to me, having had a major clash with a key figure in 'the circle'. I cannot give any details about the private fight because … it is private, after all.

Miley knew everything about me when she arrived to sing 'I Am Veronica' almost two years ago; she walked into the studio already singing the song. She volunteered. I did not ask her to get involved. Her professionalism was astounding, her vocals a joy to behold. Every minute that I spent with Miley was loving and funny. She asked if she could be in the 'Veronica' video. I was very honored. She told me that Morrissey songs are on 24-hour rotation in her house, and she had frequently been photographed in Morrissey t-shirts. Miley came into my world; I did not venture towards hers. I was eternally thankful, and even now, I remain so.

The campaign to destroy my career was originally led by four male individuals in Britain, each of whom have prominent positions on social media - and they have full unedited access to the Legacy Media. At some point, each one of them had hopes of a candle-lit friendship with me, and this did not happen. Their rage for attention then took a different turn. They want some form of Wikipedia mention as well as a future personal Index reference in 'Who Killed Morrissey?'. Yes, staggeringly, that is their goal.

Although the Left changed and deserted me many years ago, I am most certainly not Far Right, and I have not ever met anyone who claims to be Far Right. My politics are straightforward: I recognize realities. Some realities horrify me, and some do not, but I accept that I was not created so that others might gratify me and delight me with all that they think and do - what a turgid life that would be. I've been offended all of my life, and it has strengthened me, and I am glad. I wouldn't have the journey any other way. Only by hearing the opinions of others can we form truly rational views, and therefore we must never accept a beehive society that refuses to reflect a variety of views.

I am therefore sorry to report to some of you that I am absolutely not Far Right. If your wearisome echo disapproves of me not being Far Right, I wish you the hope that you deny yourself. Britain's 'Question Time' has thrown the red carpet my way six times asking me to appear on television to discuss the Left-Right divide, but I have always refused, and not least of all because I am sick to death of a debate that can never possibly resolve itself. I also refuse because I am apolitical, and if nothing else, I know my place.

I do not care very much about myself - and I never have. But the crucial point about 'Music as Art' is evident in life-changing music that has always happened before anyone expected it. The very best examples are the Sex Pistols, David Bowie, the Ramones, the Velvet Underground, Alice Cooper, and even the Dolls and Iggy: no one saw these monoliths coming, therefore the people discovered them before the industry had time to halt the fun. Now, alas, music cannot happen unless it adheres to strict industry guidelines, and this falsely assures the listening public that things could not possibly be better than they currently are. The infantilised world is delighted to stream music, but if they were asked to walk 50 yards to a record shop to access those very songs … they wouldn't bother to. However, the connection between the music industry and Cancel Vultures is that they both agree that their main job is to stop singers and bands from saying anything important. Respecting equal freedom for those that you control … is not freedom. Music as Art has now been destroyed because it expands public opinion, and thus, with the current Top 100 downloads … no bubbles can ever rise. Songs once kept listeners occupied for years, but this has been replaced by suspiciously instant stardom for anyone obedient enough to agree that babies are naturally born through the left ear. Proper artists need not apply. Imagination must be paralyzed, and saying nothing whatsoever is the only pathway to all music awards. Look for yourself.

Following Britain's 9/11 abomination at the Manchester Arena, Miley was asked to take part in the Don't Look Back In Anger event, and she refused. I asked her why she had refused, and she said "I am not into all that."

I write these words mainly for (but not directly about) my audience - who are the best and most incredible audience that anyone could dream of, and perhaps many onlookers are jealous of this fact. I have not ever voted for a political party in my life, and I have not ever joined a political party, and I have not ever attended a political rally. On the political stage, I do not exist: you have never seen me there and you never shall. I therefore do not mind in the least if you join the Morrissey haters - there is always the likelihood that I'd feel exactly the same way about you. But if you join forces with the Cancel Vultures, your only aim is to numb time, and your eyes are dead.

5 January 2023


Member @Cornflakes reminded us that Miley Cyrus actually did attend the One Love Manchester event.
For clarity:
May 22, 2017 - Bombing.
May 25, 2017 - spontaneously sung after a minutes silence in the city.
May 27, 2017 - sung during the Courteeners et al gig @ Old Trafford Cricket Ground.
June 4, 2017 - One Love Manchester concert.
September 9, 2017 - We Are Manchester benefit.
All featured "Don't Look Back In Anger".
It should be noted the "We Are Manchester" event was predominantly Manchester bands and there is no online evidence to support Miley Cyrus was invited/involved with said.


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About damn time he explicitly addressed this. Wish he'd done it sooner.
Not sure what you think he has addressed? I don’t see him having addressed anything in his statement. Just crazy nonsense and lies.
Not sure what you think he has addressed? I don’t see him having addressed anything in his statement. Just crazy nonsense and lies.
Well he made it abundantly clear he isn't "far right" and/or doesn't relate to that label. He really hasn't been this blunt about it.
Well he made it abundantly clear he isn't "far right" and/or doesn't relate to that label. He really hasn't been this blunt about it.

Mr. Anonymous clearly doesn’t want to hear what Morrissey has very clearly addressed; they’d rather stick with their own idea of what they want to label him as.
Well he made it abundantly clear he isn't "far right" and/or doesn't relate to that label. He really hasn't been this blunt about it.

There may be some connection between the image used both in the Quarry label and on this t-shirt ….

where he already clearly stated back in 2020 that he is not … far right, far left, that he is … far forward.


I must have missed that.

Has nothing to do with posting videos from Infowars or his own words. All to do with 4 masked men that he can't name. No women? Just men even though most divisive people on social media are anonymous with fake names and genders.

I am not on social media and never have been. My decision process is based only on Morrissey's own words and posts on his own official page.
Are you not on social media here?
I honestly think Morrissey believing Capitol would release "Rebels" is as real as him claiming that he was going to perform in concert in America with Cliff Richard and Tom Jones in support, or the post years ago on True To You that he was going to perform live with the late, great Ennio Morricone.
Close enough -
Again, depends on your definition of far right. Moz almost certainly was attracted to AMW and FB because of their policy on banning religious slaughter. That´s a topic that Moz clearly cares about. Feels emotional about. Is that a far right policy or a far left policy? Is it neither? He clearly doesn´t like the broken 2-party system of English politics so decided to stick his toe in the water and advise people to vote for them. No one listened so he is clearly reluctant to go near party politics again.
There is no agreed definition of far right. I think this definition from the University of Oslo Centre for Research on Extremism is a good one: a specific ideology charactersied by anti-democratic oppostion towards equality. All definitions of the term are problematic because, as stated in this report, ´very few political parties, groups, or activists use it to describe their own position´. I don´t think AMW or FB meet the criterion of this defintion of far right. But ultimately that is something people will have to decide for themselves. If you define far right as wanting to curb immigration, then clearly under that definition AMW and FB were far right. But under that defintion then the majority of the population of Europe could be called far right.

Do you feel the compendium you found, by linking prohibited behavior - extremism, radicalising, terrorism - only to far-right actors, conflates and frames issues in an uneven and superficial way?

Sort of related, i found this interesting for showing how tactics in one place are readily picked up elsewhere -

This seems to me to be related too, about who has been and is considered to be permitted to resist tyranny -

Be careful with The Critic you cited elsewhere; see here -

A fairly complicated shifting space of eggshells to navigate, overall 😳
Some good stuff in there, and very interesting about Miley, of course.

But I still don't understand how he can say this with a straight face:

I have not ever voted for a political party in my life, and I have not ever joined a political party, and I have not ever attended a political rally. On the political stage, I do not exist: you have never seen me there and you never shall.

...when in June 2019 he said this, unprompted by anyone except SER:

I think Anne Marie Waters is the only British party leader who can unite the left and right. I don’t know any other party leader who even WANTS to do this. The UK is a dangerously hateful place now, and I think we need someone to put a stop to the lunacy and to speak for everyone. I see Anne Marie Waters as this person. She is extremely intelligent, ferociously dedicated to this country, she is very engaging, and also very funny at times.

Surely he must realise that without some kind of explanation of why he fell for that particular political leader, these beliefs and insinuations about him holding particular political views are never, ever going to disappear. Just never mentioning her again isn't going to make it disappear.

(And I dearly wish it would disappear.)
Excellent! This shows how hypocritical Mozzer is. And how forgetful. Of course he is not Far Right, but he is/was a supporter of the right populistic scene, at the beginning. And he said many stupid things he don't want to be connected with today.
Not even the most fervent or passionate racist ever admits to being racist. No matter the evidence. I’m not saying Morrissey is racist/far-right, but him just saying he’s not far-right doesn’t prove anything.
... the first Jobs for a Change festival was a notable event – though one in which Tony Hollingsworth took an unusual line. Although some of the music would be political, the music stages would not be used for political debate or anti-Thatcher slogans. To be effective, campaigning must be in the positive and must show what the GLC was doing about unemployment – rather than attack Thatcher.

Tbh, it doesn't really matter how poltical or not he's been - all he's doing is rejecting politcs now as a way of drawing a line under the past few years in which he was wildly taken out of context, and in which he misunderstood the motivations of a daft ex-leftie.
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There may be some connection between the image used both in the Quarry label and on this t-shirt ….

where he already clearly stated back in 2020 that he is not … far right, far left, that he is … far forward.

What about far up his own ass?
Maybe Morrissey and his team could look into this option: The music distribution company is owned by Sony Music, but they support independent artists and labels if they think that there is enough perspective in a project. They have the office in LA as well
I think the main anonymous poster here and Aubrey MacFate are both coming from a place of compassion.

However, what if abused people are not offended by what Morrissey said? What if in fact the comparison to creatures just wanting to live without interference gets close to their experience?

The song November Spawned a Monster shocked listeners and created debate about meaning, but people with disabilities did not object, and indeed I recall a friend working in the area at the time saying they thought the song a fair representation, and a rare example of them appearing in popular culture at all.
oh, no. no, no, no, no. lol, omg. what the f***.
Nick Cave seems to distribute through them. Out of all the artists mentioned in the list, I think he would be the one who Morrissey could respect. Moby and Die Antwoord are the other two acts that are familiar to me, but I don’t know M’s opinion on them. He might even have met one of the founders Kevin Bacon (maybe he wouldn’t be fond of his surname though), who supported the band called the Comsat Angels, who in turn worked with The Pretenders and David Bowie. Anyway it’s just a thought. If he self-releases on Bandcamp and streaming services, it will be just as fine. Just paying good pluggers for radio and press coverage. I am certain he would know the right people and have a sufficient budget to execute this idea
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