Morrissey Central "WHEN WORDS ARE MUSIC" (November 25, 2022)


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Morrissey to Sam: All the Americans are drunk on Thankskilling, bring out the singing bull and don't give them the single.

Lujissey.Moz is like this

OMG of so bad makes you laugh !!!! It is not possible for the bull to take the stage to sing a song at a Moz show, or to lend the mask to Morrissey!!!!. Central gives for everything:tears::paranoid::head-smack::rofl::head-smack:doh:doh::grin::grimacing:

rifke wire

26% descended from the great teutonic tribes
this is amazing, especially when the bull makes the eye rubbing gesture. i laughed like i was drunk. best thing central has ever posted :lbf:

more singing bull, please!!!!!!!! :cowface::rock:

Les Tameside

I accept it’s in keeping with the ‘new’ normal, but might I nevertheless double-check that there’s been no mention of the release of Rebels on Central—and some priority has rather been given to this?

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