'When we were sad we listened to the Smiths' – European critics on UK culture

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'When we were sad we listened to the Smiths' – European critics on UK culture

A general arts article in The Guardian which mentions, inter alia, Morrissey and The Smiths:
Juliane Streich, German music and culture journalist
These days are hard times for old Britpop fans. Some journalists (including from the Guardian) blame Britpop for Brexit, arguing that it flew the national flag for nostalgia. Without question, some of our British musical heroes have fallen, the most famous being Morrissey. We all loved him. Farin Urlaub, singer with punk band Die Ärzte, even dedicated a famous song – Sumisu – to him that translated as: “Whenever we were sad – and we were sad pretty often – we went home and listened to the Smiths.”

The song describes the relationship between teenagers in the 80s and Morrissey. We were sure he was left-wing, just like us – so he alarmed fans with what he said in an interview with Der Spiegel two years ago: “If you try to make everything multicultural, you will not have any culture in the end,” and “I feel sad that Germany has become the rape capital of Europe … it coincides with the open borders and the free flow.” We were like: WTF? Aren’t open borders and multicultural movements a gain for every music scene, and for culture above all?

Disappointed and in disagreement, we needed other bands to listen to.
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