When was Moz hated?



Question: When did Moz become totally hated by non Moz fans?

I remember the early 2018 tour when he played big arenas so he can’t have been fully hated at that point?

But later in the year the Castlefield shows were cancelled so he must have been hated by that point.

So when is the exact point that the hatred towards Moz took place?
dog was released on the first week of the pandemic,people put spending on hold for a good while.
And Mr Predictable is exactly that: predictable.
The covid pandemic did little to halt sales of Dog, it’s probably due to Morrissey not being very popular at that point in his career. And this is why he can’t secure a decent contact now.
But he’s got that clown posting ‘release bonfire now’ every 48 hours so normal service should be resumed once the record companies realise Morrissey is label-less. Wait there………
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