When do listen to Morrissey?

When I listen to Morrissey I am

  • usually alone

    Votes: 45 80.4%
  • usually not alone

    Votes: 2 3.6%
  • unaware of whether I am alone or not

    Votes: 9 16.1%

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I think "unaware" is the funniest answer. I mean, if something transports you, you should have no idea where you are, etc.


Usually alone.(although sometimes with friends too).
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Hopefully there will be some Morrissey music at your party.
Are you throwing it or is it well meaning family?

got 4 sisters and another bro, 9 times uncle, only with 2 sisters I'm on speaking terms
and me mum [ dad died at age 66 in 1999], I;m happy being Godfather of 1 of me youngest sister 5 boys though
going to birthdays is difficult and take my responsibility, I made mistakes, so I won't come around
when the others might be there to avoid stress situation or even have to choose , If he 's not leaving we do...

you get the idea, I hope

well it makes it easier that I know that they have the right to act like that cause
I created it


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alone- but then listening to music is usually a solitary activity- like reading. that said, Morrissey is not the most communal artist- giv me some Oasis for when the boys are together.


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sadly I've always listened to morrissey "alone", haven't met that special person to enjoy the magic that is Morrissey and The Smiths.... by the way, I am Available :drama:


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Well, the caveat is that I usually listen to Morrissey on the MP3, with headphones, while on public transit. So, I suppose that means I am isolated and listening in my own world, despite being very much in public, so I don't know which to put.
Usually I´m alone while listening. Sometimes I put my MP3 player on the speakers at work. Since I work in a gas station customers are forced to listen with me....
I´ve been asked a few times if the music comes from the radio. I really like to work the night shift. I celebrate my own little Smiths/Moz party then. Nobody cares if I sing along loud or dance silly while cleaning the floor...
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