When do listen to Morrissey?

When I listen to Morrissey I am

  • usually alone

    Votes: 45 80.4%
  • usually not alone

    Votes: 2 3.6%
  • unaware of whether I am alone or not

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Oh my god. it's Robby!

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When do you listen to Morrissey?

Now that I have about 25 years of Moz/Smiths listening under my belt :straightface:
I think I can safely say that I consider listening to his music to be primarily a solitary activity :crazy: except in concert :guitar:
what about you? is Moz something you too primarily do when you are alone :rolleyes:
or do you prefer to share it with another? :blushing:
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All of the time really, I live with friends so they have to put up with him playing from my room, his voice battling those of Lupe Fiasco, Gyptian and friends.


I prefer to listen to moz/smiths when im alone ultimately because most of the people i know dont understand the beauty of it, and because all they want to listen to is some justin bieber and some other kind of stuff i just cant stand......but its okay i wouldnt want to share it with them anyway.


thank you to you 2 for your responses :)
I wonder how many more it will get now that its been banished to this empty sub-forum :straightface:

I always come in here. I love reading about the fans of Morrissey and the smiths. I live with my parents and my sister and they love the smiths and Morrissey so I listen to the smiths and Morrissey a lot with them. It love watching concerts on tv of the smiths and Morrissey because my dad sings along while he surfs the internet on the laptop, my sisters gazes at Morrissey adoringly and sings along too, and my mom and I alternately sing, and have commentary about the concert. (Most of it "Oh my god he is so handsome! Did you see that smile!")


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Alone, mostly, but if given the opportunity, will force him upon all my coworkers. Occasionally one will be successfully brainwashed.

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Funny Robbie as I was thinking of something similar the other day. Is it the Smiths/Moz I listen to when I go home after a unpleasant day at work, or when things have gone quite right in the old love department. When you feel yourself alone, a wretch or happy as a sandboy. I realise that the Smiths/Moz are there in the background. They've soundtracked my life for (like you) 25+years. It's the music I grew up with, which makes me happy. The wider online community make me feel that I belong to a group, when normally I'm never quite fit in like a hand in glove. The music is normally played at home and played for myself.

The bands I turn to for other moments tend to be The Sundays for the days when nothing happens, and you know it will replay that way tomorrow and the next. The Popguns for love gone wrong and Galaxy 500 for those wretched moments in life. Plus lots of cheer me up songs.

Nice thread too.


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All I ever do is solitary activities including listening to Morrissey of course.


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Both. I play Morrissey as I'm preparing dinner, driving the kids to school, cleaning etc - so everyone gets to hear a lot of Moz, much to their chagrin. However, when I do have some 'alone' time I like to listen to an album from start to end and just get a bit lost in it. I also love to walk and listen on headphones, I think this is a nice way to be alone with Morrissey.

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Alone. My brothers like some Smiths' songs, but I don't think they understand how wonderful they really are.


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I'm usually alone when listening to Morrissey. Or on the bus or walking with my earphones in, so still alone with the listening.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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wow, out of 14 votes, only 1 person listens to Moz mainly with another, kind of sad, huh? :straightface:
but to be expected I guess, judging from the responses so far :o
which thank you to all but 1 of you for :thumb:


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I usually am alone in my room when I listen to Mozzer.But I do play his music while I am cooking or cleaning or in the car .It`s funny :lbf: because I listen to him so much my family sings along when I play Morrissey or the Smiths.It`s not by choice though I listen to him so much they can`t help it.I also used to make anyone who came into my room watch Morrissey videos with me.


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