What's your favourite venue to see Morrissey?


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Even before last Saturday,I love the London Palladium this being the fourth time I have seen Morrissey here(I managed to shake his wrist twice Saturday) the intimacy and to my ears the sound makes this my favourite venue.I have seen Morrissey in Northern Ireland,Scotland in very small venues and in loads of great places Great Yarmouth,Troxy,Hawick,Omagh and many more,I hasten to state that it's only 40 minutes from home for me and my wife,what is your favourite venue?and why?


Basically, the smaller the better, though with the extravagent lighting set-up and video projection, I doubt we'll ever see him play the likes of Hawick again - which is a shame, as it was pretty amazeballs.


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I don't really have one anymore, but I saw him at a large bar venue that comprised half of a BARBECUE restaurant in 2007. It was a last minute venue change in Spokane, and I was pretty shocked when the show went on, and ended up being one of the better ones I've seen out of him.


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small town halls because the fans take over the town,boosts the economy of these small places as well.


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