Whats your favourite morrissey album ?

Viva Hate
Vauxhall and I
Ringleader of the Tormentors

Your Arsenal
I Am Not a Dog on a Chain
You are the Quarry
World Peace is None of Your Business
Years of Refusal
California Son

Low in High School
Kill Uncle
Southpaw Grammar
Art hounds, if you were to include it, only works as an opener
Vauxhall and I - I don't know how anyone makes an album that sounds like this. Sometimes I can't listen to it because it is too intense an experience for me. This album has saved me on so many nights.

Followed by Ringleader...I think it's brilliant.
Does Bona Drag count? It's always been an album to me...maybe the one I've played the most.
Years of Refusal is my favorite "Morrissey Rocks!" album. Your Arsenal is incredible too but Years is just more tough and exciting to me, and obviously my name is here is from one of my all-time favorite Morrissey songs. Southpaw is in this category too and I think has the best production, but falls a bit short.

I do love the eclectic Viva Hate, especially the sound of it...there's nothing like it.

I'm always surprised by the praise for Quarry around here, I consider it one of his worst. But the threads not about that, is it.

If the live tour of the Kill Uncle songs (and stuff like Pregnant and The Loop and some Viva Hate songs) was an album, that would be in my top 3 maybe.
Does Bona Drag count? It's always been an album to me...maybe the one I've played the most.
The World Won't Listen encapsulates The Smiths' most commercial sound, with plenty songs that don't appear on studio albums. It isn't a Best Of or a Greatest Hits, but it showcases their brilliant mid-period.
Bona Drag does a similar job. For me they stand alongside the studio albums.
couldn't agree with you more radis. i also consider smiths albums to really be morrissey albums. it's evident now that morrissey could have made them without the others.

Wait, is it still April Fools Day in some parts of the world?
I think my favourite Morrissey album would have to be 'The Very Best of Morrissey'.
Ok, but for me a Morrissey album is made of Morrissey songs.

A Morrissey album is made of Morrissey recordings. If you just care about the words, not the voice, then just read the lyrics. California Son is seminal.
Top 5

1. Vauxhall
2. Maladjusted
3. Quarry
4. Viva Hate
5. Arsenal (or Refusal)
At the moment, for me it has to be "I Am Not a Dog on Chain". I just can't fault it, start to finish, and it's nice to see Morrissey turning to more personal lyrics after a couple of albums of mostly political songs. I also just think it's musically one of the most interesting and immediate albums he's ever done. And his voice is perfect... I could say more, but you get the general idea ;)

My top five at the moment is:

I Am Not a Dog on a Chain
Vauxhall and I
Your Arsenal
You Are the Quarry
Years of Refusal
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