Whats your best buy?


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I don't have much of a collection compared to others on here but my best bargains would have to be my copy of "James Dean Is Not Dead" which I got for 25p and my hardback edition of "Peepholism" which I got for 75p. What bargains have you guys found?


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I got Scandal and Passion book for 10p

I also got Ringleader of the Tormentors and The Youngest was the most loved 5ft billboard sized posters outside the gmex gig in December, the guy was selling them for £5 each but he gave me them both for £6 as one of them had a fold in it and it was the last one so £3 each for them both was a bargain!


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I forgot to add that I got a Rank promo poster for absolutely nothing. It was in with a bunch of clippings and articles.


I got my Kill Uncle promo poster free, an employee at Reprise records gave it to me. I was working in a record shop at the time, I guess she overhear me talking about Moz often and brought it in for me one day... Hard to beat free...

I also got the Dutch 12" for Heatmasters, in 86 for about $6.00.



That's Entertainment Dutch promo cd for $14.

Meat Is Murder 12" live ep test pressing for $40 (Record Collector value $2400)

You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby 12" test pressing for $75 (Record Collector value $1000)


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bethoveen was def LP for 18 GBP in the times when it went for as far as 140 GBP about year ago



Roy's keen 7"+alma matters 7" both mint for total of 15$

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I got a Moz shaped dildo off ebay for £2.50 and they chucked in a pair of AA batteries, it was so cheap because it was second hand. I've had hours of fun with that quiff.


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Clear vinyl IBEH 7" $20ish including postage (one of my favourite things as I love vinyl)

US How Soon Is Now CD Promo $25 (from memory) (Morrissey Earls Court Live one)

Funniest one - Interesting Drug promo 12" (SPM29) £3 after convincing poor bloke in a second hand record shop that he priced it wrongly.......
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French 7' there's a light - one for 1 euros in a records fair it(s worth to check under the table sometimes) - an other one for 20 euros and a promo copy for 30 euros


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As to this date I have nothing fancier then an unplayed 12" of Viva Hate (still sealed) for 20 euro.


well, that's the story of my life..
An Everyday is Like Sunday US promo 7" for $4 and The Boy w/ the thorn... US 12" for $3 at my local record shop!


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boy with the thorn is his side test press 12inch for 3quid and signed copies of jack the ripper and the more you ignore me promo sevens for nowt!


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why the cough? did you have to give someone a blowjob for it, or your last strepsil?

It was free for the reason that i stole it from outside a venue where morrissey played.

Do people cough when they give blowjobs? :confused:
Never heard or seen that before....


I actually bought quite a few years ago a jean jacket with an amazing airbrushed photo of moz on it off ebay for 90 bucks! Some of you might have seen me wearing it at the aragon show back in nov, in chicago. It is perfect condition, amazing piece of memoribillia. I had so many people that night ask me where I had gotten it and offered me several hundred dollars for it. I've never seen anything li\ke it, the guy i bought it from said an artist in ny had done it, man I wish i could find that guy. I'll post a picture sometime.


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Not rare, but I ordered the Alma Matters single off of Amazon. I'd never heard Heir Apparent or I Can Have Both before, and those have become two of my favorite bsides.

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Today a German 7 inch "Barbarism" came along as a bonus with an item I ordered from an incredibly nice person :) :). Yes, there are still great people trading on ebay who dont rip you off...
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