Poll What's the reason for recording a new album when BOT's release is still uncertain?

I think the reason Morrissey is recording WMTWD now is because...

  • It's "Que Sera, Sera" with BOT, and he's ready to move on.

    Votes: 10 14.7%
  • He believes it will be easier to get a record deal with WMTWD.

    Votes: 5 7.4%
  • He's happy with the current line-up, creatively inspired, and wants to act now.

    Votes: 53 77.9%
  • He's done with record deals and is finally going to self-release WMTWD

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As an outsider it seems an odd choice to record a new album, Without Music The World Dies (WMTWD) when BOT is still not released (and with no official release date announced). Further, it was stated: "There is no record label as yet for the project, and ways to attain global distribution are being researched."
My take on things is that he has faith, so he keeps working and hoping for the best. He's a positive person, always has been, and positive people stay constructive and keep going even when things look bad.

At some point the clouds will break and we'll get two albums back to back. In the meantime if he keeps touring we'll get a healthy sampling of the unreleased new songs, and cell phone videos are such good quality now that the bootlegs will be very listenable.

I think that he does what he does because he feels compelled. He's not lazy, and he is truly and wholly absorbed in his art. Artists like that are rare but he's the real deal. He just does what he does because he always has; as he's said many times it's just who he is and it's all he knows how to do.

Everything will eventually work out.
I think he's excited to work with Alain again ASAP and get his melodies back on the records.

Bonfire Of Teenagers... "Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings"

More like "Sure Enough, I Can Do Better Than This"

Roll on WMTWD!
I didn't vote, but I hope he is going to self release
He can’t waste time anymore, everybody has a date with an undertaker…
Yeah, this. Even before that, who knows how many years M has left before his voice starts going. Better to get material in the can now, rather than wait.
Another mixed and mastered album ready to go accrues an advantage for Moz in his current precarious situation. He persevering with projects and continue the prolific post 2014 output.

With Chicarelli on board, it’s no DIY job either.
Of course he's enthusiastic about the new songs and the band. They're coming from a very good tour and they must be charged with energy.
Both albums will be released with time.
if a record company can see 2 finished albums it might swing the pendulum in his direction,if not self release and be done with it.
Unless Capitol still has ownership of bonfire, which it sounds like they have.
very silly of M to sign it over to capitol without knowing what they were going to do with it,he should have had guarantees in place.
im amazed how people on here think M has lost his touch over the last ten years and they pin a lot of hope on Without Music,nobody has mentioned whether alain has lost it,i liked his single from last year but he has hardly set the world alight over the last few years.im a fan of alain,good guy and great musician,incase anyone thinks im a hater.
The music has been very very good in these last ten years. Actually his lyrics are sometimes the weak part.
Alain White can provide gold, but if the man is lazy...
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Maybe he wants to f*ck Capitol some way. Ready a new album (WMTWD) to compete with BOT, and make Capitol look stupid if they release BOT at around the same time as WMTWD. Or make it so Capitol wasted their money buying bOT by Moz disavowing BOT (refusing to promote it, etc) and getting fully behind WMTWD.
I'd like to think Alain has handed over GOLD in the form of music and Morrisey wants to record now
It’s not just the songs Alain has provided for the current session (which should prove to be pretty amazing based on the demos), but also the touches/input he’s providing on songs written by others. He’s determined to make this record as outstanding as possible. It sounds like everyone has brought their A-game and things could really turn out to be magical. There’s an undeniable chemistry with AW involved again. It’s been observed on the live stage and I’m certain it will be evident in the finished studio recordings. The band play really well off of each other it seems and I personally can’t wait for this record to be released 🙂
bonfire of teenagers morrissey without music the world dies
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