What's the first Moz or Smiths item you got

Cassette of Rank. I had no idea what to expect, but a record shop had gone bust and all its tapes were 50p.

I can still remember listening to it for the first time.
First Smiths was Hatful.
First Moz was Your Arsenal.
Both were cassette, & (unbelievably) actually still have the Arsenal cassette.
Unofficially, my brother gave me an REM tape of songs....and then he snuck "Girl Afraid" on the end of the cassette as a filler......but then I got into them around "Strangeways" and it's all good from there!
around 1987 my sister turned me on to the smiths thru the queen is dead, a year later her and mama had a yard sale which i found the album plus some albums she accumulated from me somewhere while digging through my collection, so i bought the album but grabbed my albums also. still have her QID!
12 inch,william it was really nothing with how soon is now and please please let me get what i want as b-sides,probably about a quid in 1984.
Sound of the Smiths CD compilation. I came across the Smiths when I discovered they had used photos from the Family Way on single sleeves. I loved and still love the kitchen sink dramas of the sixties that Moz also of course adored. Probably a niche way to get into Morrissey/Smiths but that’s the story!
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