What's the first Moz or Smiths item you got

Raphael Lambach

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Mine were Hatful of Hollow and Vauxhall & I which I found by chance in a local second hand book shop. HoH was igned by Andy when he came to my City.0
Louder Than Bombs on cassette. A wonderful journey to go down as I knew maybe 1-2 songs on there prior to buying.
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Meat Is Murder on cassette and a Hatful of Hollow t-shirt that I stupidly gave away to a friend.
The Smiths Singles ~ I played the CD so much that I wore it out and had to buy a new copy.
«The Smiths» on cassette in 1984. It had the single version of «This Charming Man» on it as an extra track. What a time to be alive.
This Charming Man - on 5th November 1983.
I bought Best I and Best II on cassette (why didn't I buy them on vinyl) back in 1992. I didn't know much about them, but in those days I use to buy random music as the mood took me. Obviously I am sooooo glad that I did.
Strangeways cassette and I bought it the day that it came out. I didn't really have permission to go to the mall because I was like 13 or something, but I f***ing did it anyway. Wbo was gonna stop me?
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