What's it like round here?

Ketamine Sun

It's terrible.

Morrissey read an evil book published by Bloomsbury & wore a pin for a party he doesn't vote for, so obsessed ex-fans have to destroy him by posting all day.

But it sounds as if you'd improve things.

Can’t destroy someone who is already immortal.


vegan cro spirit 888

Hi all

dom here from many moons ago. I stopped posting on this site when the BS and overall tone on here was just beyond fun for me. Hi if you remember me and hi if you never shared words on here.

The last straw for me was when I was more or less told off for publicly congratulating and thanking the tireless efforts of the unofficial que-control folks that come to each gig and help the people who have been queueing up since the early hours so they can head off and grab lunch and come back to their same place. Apparently that was not the 'thing to do'.

Aside from that, the whole atmosphere here was just odd and antagonistic and, whilst it was incredibly addictive to be here, the 'high' I felt from that was, in the end, much less enjoyable than the 'come down'

I am now wondering if there is a new generation of passionate yet logical and calm fans on this site? I would love to post here again and be able to do so without tearing my hear out.

Any of the above ring any bells or bode to the tone of the place now? Would be great to re-connect on here again

Hope all are doing well here, whether old or new faces.

Enjoy the UK tour, those who are going.

Kisses and peace

dom x

in the time youve gone skinny was made ayatollah at his local mosque. great honor for him:turban:
but had to give up his 'gig' at the stupid dork ipod:drama:
its gone to his head tho:swear
trolling non stop and creating fake pseudonyms.

how much were you paid by the 'que control' peeps? where the doors open and suddenly out of nowhere a bunch of sharpies walk right up to the front?
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