What You Say If You Woke Up Next To The Above Poster?

I will not be ignored, Ben :mad: Were you too busy with Robert to notice me?

"Oh hey, Corrissey, sorry to post this when you're not home but...yeah...got a call from the clinic today. Yeah. You may want to...er...you know...see a nurse. It's REALLY contagious. Violently so. But hey, thanks for letting me stick it in you!"
Evidently, I need to get myself checked out.
Oh, and Ben doesn't 'do' threesomes. But I'm sure he'll make us a cup of tea if we ask.

Oh dear god what have you bitches done to my bed?!?!
Hey wait a minute! Where did Brett Anderson go?:eek: Is this New Zealand? :eek: And where did the haggis go? :mad:

Where did the dog come from? And why is it talking?
ellen is fuckin awful ellen will die soon i lubs me some ellen i want ellen as others do i've had ellen fact
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