What would you request for your last meal?


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Blue cheese Burger with crispy bacon and tons of mayo mmmm, curly fries, more mayo, bbq flavour baked beans!

Strawberry cheesecake for afters!

and a couple of bottles of rose wine ;)


you all eat some gross sounding things. haha

i wouldn't have a last meal. in order to have one...they'd have to catch me first.:cool:


I would have Pesto pasta.Expensive red wine and Banoffee Pie.Yum

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Ravioli in arrabiata sauce. Um, dessert...I'm not really a dessert girl, but there is something I can't think of that I want. Evidently, if I was choosing my last meal, I would spend so much time faffing over the menu that I would die hungry.
To drink, vodka and cranberry juice.


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I'd request:
1/2 pound of Velati's vanilla crumbly (penuche butter fudge), a quart of 2% milk, pho, and a bowl of Christmas casserole... Which is something unique to my family that involves green peppers, sharp cheddar, tomato paste and noodles. Yum. :)

The best part about this meal is that I'm lactose intolerant, so drinking all that milk would make me welcome death. :)

and, of course, considering what our last bodily function is when we die, I'm sure it would be sweet revenge on those who perform the task.


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After giving it some thought... Pad Thai with Tofu, Thai custard with sticky rice, Thai iced tea. My mom's "Southern Coconut Cake."


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Fresh green asparagus, steamed. Sesame oil, fresh Sechuan pepper. Condition: I prepare it myself.


"Four fried chickens, and a coke"

"And some dry white toast, please."

Corrissey may be the one who gets this first.
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