What would you ask Morrissey ?

1. Do you have a new cat in your life?
2. Are you mad at California right now?
3. Do you ever personally read anything on Morrissey-solo?
4. Would you ever admit it if you did? (Of course not...)
Seriously though, I'd ask him why he never liked The Beatles. I think I once read that he said they had maybe four good songs.

It seems a little strange to me that as a little boy in England in the 1960s who was obsessed with pop music didn't like The Beatles at all. (He didn't like the Stones until later in life. They must have been too rock for little boy Moz.)
if he bums damon or if damon bums him
I'd also ask him if he carries a potato gun to protect him on the streets of the good old USofA
I’d ask him what his top five Elvis songs are.
"Which group or writer amongst your contemporaries do you think deserved more success?"

I'm taking "writer" to include more than musicians/songwriters, and "contemporaries" can be anyone born 1955-65, anywhere.
I’d ask him to meet me in Copenhagen and come to Bronnum or to the Library Bar for a cozy evening of lotttttttttttttts of gabbing. Undoubtedly, more giggles than anyone could even shake a stick at would be involved.

Ca va sans dire
I would ask Moz what was he doing in Lublin in 2014 :unsure: ?
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