What will you be doing on Christmas Day?

Unless you are jewish, its Christmaaaaas in a few days.

I will be with my family in France, and we will eat food, share gifts, and so on.

What will you be doing? Where? Who will you spend it with?



Jeff Buckley Is God
My little nephew and niece will be visiting, so playing with them and giving them all the presents i've got them!

now i'm 21, i don't expect many presents, but i can get drunk instead so it's alright

Jukebox Jury

Probably have a shit first thing in the morning, like I do everyday:D

Jukebox Jury


Frink Squad Member
Listening to Morrissey, eating Tofurkey, working out... I just had my Christmas with seeing the tour!

Poppy Full

Sycophantic slag
I shall be Christmassing with my beloved family, all of us ignoring the fact that it's been a downright gloomy year, and eating myself sick. :)


Jeff Buckley Is God
not sure yet! i'll probably get madden 10 and arkham asylum for sure but other than those there's too much to choose from. any suggestions?

Modern Warfare 2, mainly for the online games, if you like shooting/war games, that is!

i used to be really bad at it, but now i kill quite alot of people during each game

i also play Fifa10, but Fifa09 was better...

and apart from that i don't go on many other games, Paradise City is my favourite car/racing game, aswell :)

Scarlet Ibis

The Chicken of D.C.
Opening gifts with my little girl, cooking Christmas casserole, eating Christmas casserole...

It's Christmas Eve that's the big thing. I have to help my daughter put out a treat for Santa, make the Reindeer Chow, and write a note of appreciation to Mrs. Claus. Every few years I try to make some noise upstairs and convince her that the reindeer are on the roof. This is probably her last year of finding it magical, so I'm going all out this year. Oh, also, we track Santa on the NORAD website all day long.
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