What were Morrissey's best singles inc. b-sides (Smiths and solo)

What do you feel were the strongest singles (not as in songs but as in total packages; i.e. A-side, B-side(s), art, etc.?

My votes:

-Smiths era
"William, It Was Really Nothing"
b/w Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want and How Soon Is Now
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For my money, these three songs sum up everything Morrissey has ever been about. Plus, all three songs are perfect.

Solo? This is tough. There are way more choices and I actually prefer the Alain-led solo output to The Smiths.

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"Sunny" b/w Black Eyed Susan and A Swallow on My Neck


Even though I love both of the albums that preceded the Boxers and Sunny singles, the post-Vauxhall/pre-Southpaw stuff is, to me, the best output of his solo career. This is the fully-realized post-Smiths Morrissey at his peak...neither dependent on the past nor ashamed of it. This batch of songs sounds like the natural progression of the Morrissey that wrote Stretch Out And Wait, Cemet'ry Gates, and That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore. He never sounded more organic or effortless.

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Very good! Exactly my opinion when it comes to his solo work. Everything fits: songwriters, anachronistic mood of songs, musicians, lyrics and a producer who knew exactly what it takes to put these ingredients into the right position. We were informed later, that he hadn't got the best relationship (unlike with Chiccarelli now) with Lillywhite, but they created an extraordinary body of work together in the studio 93/94.


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Interesting nominations and difficult to argue with William.

Black Eyed Susan is very much a lesser Morrissey song to me, but to each their own.

From the solo years it is difficult to beat the Everyday is Like Sunday single. Sister I'm a Poet, Disappointed and Will Never Marry are all incredibly strong b-sides and the sleeve art is great, too.

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"Susan" would have been a perfect album track on Vauxhall but the extreme experiments (for Morrissey's standard) make it difficult to listen to. That's right. But the mood of the production still fits him perfect.

The Smiths: I always thought, that the "Girlfriend" 12" was a wonderful last statement. I really do love "I keep mine hidden" and "Work is a 4 letter word" and the A-side still is a brilliant little gem.

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I'd go with "Last of the Famous International Playboys," mainly because it contains the majestic "Michael's Bones" on the 12"/CD. ("Lucky Lisp" I can take or leave.) "Boxers/Have-a-go Merchant" is also up there.


Girl afraid
for me nothing beats,
I Know Very Well How I Got My name
Hairdresser on Fire
Oh Well, I'll Never Learn


Smiths: This Charming Man (with Jeane, Wonderful Woman, Accept Yourself)
Solo: YTOFM Fatty (with Pashernate Love, There Speaks a True Friend)
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