What was the last Morrissey/Smiths song you listened to?


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I woke up this morning and heard There Speaks A True Friend. What a very underrated song. I love it.

What did you last listen to?


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Last song on my ipod before i got into work this morning was I'm the end of the family line - also underrated and truly wonderful
I am not positive but I have "First of the Gang" stuck in my head :mad: since I woke up this morning so I think it is safe to assume that was it last night!:D


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"At Amber" came on this morning as my ipod was set to random. But the last song I put on purposly must have been "I Can Have Both"


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"Speedway" along the expressway to work .... Vroooooom ....! :guitar:



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there speaks a true friend- at work

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Swallow On My Neck, on headphones while brushing my teeth this morning.


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"Life Is A Pigsty" ( I can't help it. I prefer Tormentors to Quarry. )


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messing on youtube and watched/listened to JACK THE RIPPER from the roundhouse...
bad bad idea, because its just raked up my obsession with this song.... hey ho, it'll give me a rest from all you need is me. :rolleyes:
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