What was the first single and album you ever bought?

Evil Legal Eagle

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Single: 'I was made for Dancin' by Leif Garrett (well, I was only 8 years old!!)

Album: 'Dare' by The Human League


I'm Not Sorry
lol this will make some sound younger than some of you's on here

single "wheatus - teenage dirtbag"

album "rem - automatic for the people" (i got alot of albums on that day)


I am mine.
Single : Shampoo - Uh Oh (we're in trouble)
Album : Blondie - Parallel Lines.

I also got Alisha's Attic - Alisha Rules The World not long after the blondie one!

Kilt Uncle

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First Single - Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush.
First Album - The Kick Inside by Kate Bush.


Can't Stop Feeling
First Single - Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
First Album - Strangeways, Here We Come


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First single: Ultravox - Vienna
First album: Michael Jackson - Thriller:eek:


first lost lad
I do not rember my first, but my girlfriend bought this very early in her life... It so cute. :)



With my own money (the album was Record tokens)

Single ...........Enola Gay by Orchestral Manouvres in the Dark


Album ...........The Best of Bowie (K-Tel)



in my own sick way
What age are we talking here? Were you actually that serious when it came to purchasing music?

I would say I was probably nine or ten years old (remember I am older than probably most here). I really did not know what I was purchasing. I would probably bought Alvin and the Chipmunks. My older sister, who was quite punk rock (or what she thought), took me on my first trip to the local record shop. I had saved some money from birthdays, chores and such and walked out with my first two records. The single came later. I remember being amazed by the album jackets and the fact that the Ramones looked like all the guys my sister hung around with. LOL!

Those records changed my life.


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I'm loving this thread.

My first 7" was Adam Ant

which i think is pretty cool. And my first LP was a compilation called Chart Explosion a K-Tel release. It did have tracks by Blondie, Madness, OMD and Roxy but it also had Leo Sayer and Cliff! Hey I was 8!


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My first proper Artist LP was also Adam Ant.

but then i got a walkman and for some bizarre reason i spent all my hard-earned pocket money on this cassette...

I can still vividly remember thinking "Step Up To The Mic" was brill. Oh the innocence of youth. Thank god for the Smiths doing What Difference on TOTP a few years later.


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Mine would have definately have been 'Locomotion' by Kylie...and everything else Kylie. I also remember having a few Bros singles & my nan bought me John Farnham's 'Whispering Jack' LP....eugh! I also remember playing The Bangles LP all the time & wishing I was a Bangle.

My first CD....was Blur 'Girls and Boys' single and 'Wish' by The Cure


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First album was Shakin' Stevens - This Old House (good grief)

First Single (quite proud of this one) Kirsty Maccoll - New England (saw the video on TVAM and fancied her :) )
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