what was that website that had all album covers?


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I saw it here in a thread in which I obviously can't find. But it had both Morrissey and Smith Album covers in high res form. Anyone know what I'm talking about? :D


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is IMHO better, more info, and all the albumcovers etc there

very good site, for everyone who just heard about the smiths/Morrissey, and
want to know what is been in the stores, and bootlegged

Comtesse's website www.arcanewardrobe.com [or something like that
has all covers till 1997, plus extensive intervieuws Morrissey did from 1983 till1997 or there abouts [its hosted via this wonderfull awesome website,as
Stephane's is easy to find here, and with a click yer there, thats passions...


Looking for a website where all Smiths Coverpics are posted on ONE Site

most of the well known sites have the wonderful cover pics of the smiths singles
"only "on different sites like passions..but Im looking d for a site who has all smiths single covers on ONE site
does this site exist?

thanks for help...much appricated




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Viva Hate Sparrow?

Does anybody have a good image of the sparrow from the inner sleeve? I recently got 'Viva Hate' with some gladioli overlapping it tattooed on my inner arm and now i want to get the sparrow too!!

Much appreciated, Craig x
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