What the hell business is it of yours what Morrissey's political views are? Why don't you ge worked up by crime?

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Shy balding Buddhist

It seems to me that holding an unpopular opinion or expressing even so much as a mildly controversial viewpoint is now considered worse than actual violent crime.

Why don't you easily offended do-gooders and snowflakes get so het up by crime in the real world such as assault, battery, breaking and entering, drug-dealing and vigilantism? I suppose it's much easier to condemn 'thought crime' which in reality doesn't harm anyone.

You self-appointed social commentators and clichéd Guardian readers seem to turn a blind eye to real crime (unless you're actually involved in it yourself which wouldn't surprise me) but you come crashing down on anyone who dares so much as express vaguely politically incorrect opinions.

You're total hypocrites with a low tolerance of freedom of speech and freedom of thought.


I agree with your point overall SpB...only thing I disagree with is that Morrissey expressed a political opinion and not a vaguely politically incorrect opinion.


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