What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment




Doing Very Well
"Collapsing New People" by Fad Gadget


Sir Alec

'I Wanna Be Adored' and 'She Bangs The Drums' by Stone Roses!

Love PTxx.
Join the f***ing club! Everyone is obsessed with these songs at some time or another.

As for me, right now I'm on a Ziggy-era Bowie fix, all the way from The Man... to Aladdin Sane.


Let's go Sabres!!!
Contact The Fact by The Sound
Walk Like A Zombie by Horrorpops
The Killing Moon by Echo & the Bunnymen
Bitchin' by The Donnas
All You Need Is Me by Mozza
Last Night by Lush


lovable loser
Duran Duran

“Box full o’honey”

Simon: “It’s my best lyric on the album. I can see the person I’m writing about, my ‘queen of tumbledown.’ No, I won’t say who she is. People seem to be able to really relate to this song. It touches them in an emotional way.”


Nick: “It was instant smiles as soon as we gave in to our disco temptation. Which is always a good sign. It’s like a song inside a mirror ball.”


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elvis costello - "i want you"

(normally, i don't like elvis costello at all, but i like this song an awful lot)

virtually dead

Simply Thrilled, Honey
I'm obsessed with The Field Mice at the moment, especially Emma's House and This Love Isn't Wrong


Jump They Say - David Bowie:guitar:
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