What song are you listening to right now?

so i started listening to kennedyxoxo after i got into popstarbills as they have a few collabs. i love being able to do this as i remember the desperate days of checking cd liner notes for the bands that artists thanked to see what else i should check pout and then having to drive thirty miles to a store that probably didnt have it in the first place. weve come a long way thankfully. most of the musicians i listen to these days dont make albums and just create and release songs so i put them into playlists and sequence them so they flow like albums with build and release moments etc add some cover art and a title. sometimes i make a little story out of the lyrics if im able to sequence in a certain way which is fun. i listen to a lot of modern artists this way. this guys playlist turned out really good. better than i thought it would honestly. its neat as he adds a significant amount of acoustic guitar to most of his hyperpop type songs (they probably start that way) which is a nice wrinkle. his lyrics are also pretty nice with songs about divided family religion war. songs to check out for the lyrics would be both versions of postcarad as they each have different lyrics, first aboutn a son going t war and missing his mother before and after he dies and the second about the dead person never seeing his son except when hes looking down on him telling him to keep talking as he can hear him. how hes knows hes gonna forget him someday and how he wishes he could tear down the walls put up between them. a day in the simulation is about loving a family who rejected you and excommunicated you because of your lack of faith and how you can miss them and be angry at the same time in a very confusing manner. north carolina is about the same subject and its really effective. this playlist starts a bit more with bets and moves into more and more guitar as it goes on. standout songs would be north carolina, day in the simulation, needle in a hey stack, count ur blessings and both versions of postcard. hope someone enjoys as i dont think ive seen a lot of music posted here thats past the year 2000 which was 23 years ago. i love the fact that more kids than ever are trying to figure themselves and express themselves through music as i want to hear what people today have to say about their lives. i remember suede trying with a new morning to earnestly blend folk acoustic guitar with electronic music twenty plus years ago and its cool to see how far that concept has come today
Gretel Hänlyn - War With America
A very Smiths opening. Worth skipping through countless new releases to stumble upon gems like this.


A comment days ago says, "this track reached #100 in the iTunes Alternative Charts in UK!"

One of Adrian Edmondson's choices on his recent Desert Island Discs (Mick Ronson on guitar).

Producers listed as unknown on that track. Imagine! From the era when musicians were enough.

I Live in Oblivion
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