What song are you listening to right now?

Ocean Rain again in preparation for Saturdays Bunnymen gig in Liverpool, although it looks like they are doing 2 sets. First up is a selection from various albums and then Ocean Rain in its entirety with a full orchestra.


kennedyxoxo - postcard

this one also had some nice lyrics as well that kinda reminded me of morrisseys take on war. the i could never kill another soldier they remind me to much of me part especially

popstarbills - alive

i love the line "blasting uzi down the 95, ima let the top down cause im tryina ta catch a vibe". i can really relate to that as i drive the 95 all the time

d.a.n.t.e. - finale

i think this song is pretty cool as hes talking to his alter ego about why he has to dead him. "people think that im you and that comparison hurts" and the way he makes his voice sound ill is pretty cool

beleganas - calvin kline

hy-c - entertainment
Death at One’s Elbow
I went for a walk and had this song playing in my head the whole time.

Theatrical gothic ditty.

Here's a song by Jaimie Baird who died last year aged only 39 from an accidental overdose; "just as she was cementing her stature as an artist un-hemmed by genres and with seemingly limitless potential, not just with her own music, but as an in-demand collaborator for artists ranging from jazz giants William Parker and David Murray to Brazilian samba icon Elza Soares to art-rockers TV on the Radio and Spoon."

Carpe diem, I guess, esp. for those with a little light to shine.

Paired with All The Young People Must Fall in Love
Silver by Echo and the Bunnymen. I’ve seen them over 20 times and while the band have always been superb, Ian can be a bit hit and miss with the vocals and his general attitude but last night in their hometown in front of 11000 people playing Ocean Rain in it’s entirety with the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, he and the band were majestic.

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