What song are you listening to right now?

I've just realized that Ringleader of the Tormentors was Morrissey's last truly brilliant album. After this album, we only had flashes of his genius. But he is still my hero. Forever and ever . Amen ;)

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Brother, can you see those birds?
They don't look to heaven
They don't need religion, they can see.

Crazy to listen to this, 19 years ago I saw Arctic Monkeys at the Boardwalk in Sheffield and they finished their set with a Certain Romance, there were about 200 people there that night and my daughter was 4 years old. Last night my daughter went to see them at Hillsborough Park with 50000 other people and they opened with A Certain Romance. They've had an amazing career and are probably one of the biggest UK bands for a long time and fair plat to them!!

Met my wife at Sheffield Leadmill when this song being played by the DJ, looking forward to seeing them at Castlefiled Bowl next month!!

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