What song are you listening to right now?


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Morrissey doesn't write songs like that anymore :straightface:



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New Membrane
Escape From New York 2LP soundtrack by John Carpenter. Menacing synths.

Not always as ‘menacing’, but thought you might like some of this composers work ….


Kendra Thompson

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Wow that was weird, did she get pulled off?

Actually for M, not forty years, he actually fell off the stage during a Smiths gig in nyc, funny thing was, I think Madonna was opening for them. Though it could have been a different show, too lazy to google. Lol.
Just for you

Actually the 40 years thing is my personal celebration of my two favourite artists of all time. I just saw Morrissey perform live in Paris. Madonna will perform in Paris later in the year. I don't know yet if I will see her, she's charging a lot for her tickets - cheeky [email protected]

I love them both, but the Smiths kick both their arses
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