What song are you listening to right now?


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One of the first albums i bought for myself, two or three years of age, sweet and tender, together with my grandma, god bless her, who would sing along with us when the song was played on the radio coz it wasn't just the usual"american shit" for a change, but she wouldn't sing "Nutten", to make that clear, coz she wouldn't say it aloud in front of us, but she didn't mind it in the song, and she didn't mind us yelling it for the neighbors to hear, who, btw, also liked the song, coz of their connections to munich, which wasn't and still isn't that far away, and it was played on the village fairs non-stop when everybody was drunk and in high spirits, not begrudging Rosy her success coz she simply offered the best telephone sex.
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... but don't mention love ...
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