What song are you listening to right now?


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Listening to the feel flows Beach boys cd box set and to me at least it's stunning.The sound and unreleased tracks just displays the quality of the music.


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Chilling in Cheshire.

People are saying that Harry Styles' new song is borrowing from New Order circa "Age of Consent."

Somewhat related to New Order, the 1975 definitely borrowed elements of Joy Divisions Disorder for their song Give yourself a try ( a fab song in my opinion) which was a massive selling single in the UK. TBF they did credit NO/JD for the influence.

For anyone whose interested, Matt Healy , the singer in The 1975 is the son of Tim Healy who acted in Auf Wiedersehen Pet when he was younger and Benidorm when was older. Not sure if it influenced his son on the song mentioned but he lived in AE when he was a kid.

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