What song are you listening to right now?


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1:52 mins of speed guitar - shoulda been longer imho:

Scuttle Buttin' - SRV

Live version here below showing insane finger movement up n down to guitar neck; f*** knows what he's smoking in that pipe but it's having the right effect!! Incredible. Utter genius.

I'm sure this one is even faster:



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The Last Mall - Steely Dan - coolest

Probably more relevant to us in the UK as we approach Lockdown v2.0 & only vital stores remain open:

Attention all shoppers
It's Cancellation Day
Yes the Big Adios
Is just a few hours away

It's last call
To do your shopping
At the last mall

You'll need the tools for survival
And the medicine for the blues
The sweet treats and surprises
For the little buckaroos


Oscillate Wildly
You left a mark on my open mind

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