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Finished up my my life story bsides playlists. There were five versions of the same song that I just couldn’t do anything with so that left me with thirty one songs in total. The first one has five songs that were on they’re indie debut I guess but Spotify only has the last two albums one of which is from 2019 so I grouped those and started there. The first one has all the uptempo brash strings and brass songs done with a touch of his Jarvis camp of course. The second is where I put the more Elvis Costello joe Jackson songs song with a bit more synth etc. the first song really sounds like a deep he mode song but I guess that’s part of what I like about the band. It’s very versatile and consistently of a certain quality. The last one which somehow worked out is where I put the more serious minded more classical songs. Sounds a bit like Patrick wolf at times with its acoustic pianos harps flute etc. I really like that lyrics from sweet little death. “ I want to feel it to / I want to die with you / I want to know where you go but I’m just here waiting / oh my sweet little death / when will you come around”. Anyway I tried to make them feel like albums and I think they work in this sequence

megaphone theology

None of its real

Luv u like gala
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