What song are you listening to right now?


Don't Leave Us In The Dark
OMD 'almost' from their eponymous debut album 'Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark'. Brilliant electronica album.

Moz put me off OMD for years when he said they named The Smiths in protest of bands like OMD with overblown names. And how they hated 'sterile' bands making music in a bedroom with a keyboard. Now I realise Moz was wrong with his narrowminded outlook. I love the first three OMD albums.



I made up a movie scene to this song of three people breaking into a animal testing facility a la ALF STYLE. Full of drama and guns. It fits perfectly for this video.


This cover featured during the funeral scene in the swedish movie "Quick" (The Perfect Patient).

The Light

"I see how the candles burn;
I see how every life ends
The radiant flare
Which shone for us
They all burn out

I see how life flows away;
How time is always too short
The endless path
That would be my life
Must also reach its end

I stood by the roaring sea at night
And looked into space eternity
And I saw a faint but clear glow;
I saw new stars being born
And although it was night
Yet it was never black
Out there
New candles were lit

We are a second in the stream of epochs
But our lives are irreplaceable
So before my flame gasps
And the hour of silence is silent
I want to be a flare
For those who follow us
A time;
A light on their path
A time;
A light in their lives"
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