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Poor Molly is not over the break up from Danny Saucedo. On Friday she performed a new song called "Alla våra smeknamn" (all our nicknames) which is yet another song about her ex. She says in interview that when she has had a few drinks at some club in Stockholm she still wants to call him like she did before.

I hope she will appear in the swedish melody fest during the spring. She is so fragile and sensitive and her broken heart will be a constant source for songs and interviews.
Add to that her constant fight with her weight and other issues with her body and the swedish ladies magazines have a bottomless pit to write articles from.

I love her voice on the radio when driving my car.

Video shot at Gröna Lund amusement park in Stockholm.

Bonus from Lollapalooza in Sweden:

Gig was live on swedish radio.

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noticed that my new boss has a mild crush on me, blushing and grinning, droppin stacks of paper and walkin into chairs when i come along. weird. not that i care much, as it has nothing to do with me, just curious what he sees in me. as he is a handful of years younger, i guess it's a mother or older sister issue. strange. well, we all get older. could also be that he is secretly consumin drugs at work or has an alcohol problem, which would make it worse, actually. anyway, he sets the example that we are not machines at all, which is the congenial side of it.
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