What song are you listening to right now?

A new Eisley song. I miss the folky chamber music and of course all the harmonies but still good

Eisley - defeatist
Pwr bttm - I wanna bio

Checked them out after I heard they were picketed and I'm glad I did as the music is pretty good. Like the guitar a lot and it's filled out well for a two person band. Got a rocky horror vibe at certain spots for some reason don't know why
One more

Per bttm - west Texas

I now love this band. It's a nice balance between chill and rocking out with just enough power chord riffing and bits of arena rock guitar. Super catchy and it helps that make such great videos. The part where liv slides down the slide horizontally with the umbrella is hilarious. Ben watching some live stuff as well and since they both sing sometimes they switch instruments while sometimes the drummer will sing while drumming which is also fun to watch. Good stuff
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick. Ian Dury and the Blockheads.
Around the time of this performance I bought a xmas gift from her as she worked in a local clock store side by side with her career stretching back to 1954:

Young in black and white:

He can beat my guest. Adam ant or I guess at that point it was Adam and the ants. I'm probably in the minority in this board of preferring blood sports over night thoughts

I don't think you are wrong. ;)
But if you are saying you have the real Adam as a guest, say to him I always liked his music!
Didn't Boz had an important role in it too?
Sweden had a band that went hand in hand with Depeche Mode during the 90's called "The Mobile Homes".
A song about doubt:

I don't know Pelle personally but I guess flying with Ryanair is out of the question and he does not seem too keen on Miss Rydell either.

Yes he borrowed Morrisseys wet plimsol and brought round the bend

Ha, funny!
Maybe they made a deal. Boz saying let me having it to him and Moz said OK but than you owe me one.
Wonder what that could be. :rolleyes:
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