What Smiths song would you like Mozz to play on the upcoming tour?

Choose your fave that you'd like to hear live

  • Girl Afraid

    Votes: 9 18.8%
  • Nowhere Fast

    Votes: 11 22.9%
  • Barbarism Begins At Home

    Votes: 12 25.0%
  • I Started Something....

    Votes: 8 16.7%
  • I Won't Share You

    Votes: 8 16.7%

  • Total voters


I'll be happy if he drops How Soon Is Now? from the set.

Actually I Won't Share You is never played in live so far.

Find out more Never Played Live ;)
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Drew a swallow

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Nowhere Fast! Great call! Interesting choices all round, any particular inspiration?
Yeah, he's never gonna play Charming Man, What Difference or Heaven Knows, and probably quite rightly too. I just thought of 5 songs that he's never played live as a solo artist that would be interesting to hear.
I doubt this song has ever even been uttered since its only take. Thats what makes it so special.
No, I get that, I just didn't understand what the original poster was talking about. But then i realised he's probably not a native english speaker and i have inadvertedly been shown up as a xenophobe.

Drew a swallow

deep and blue
I Won't Share You has no votes so far. I wonder what a rocked out ballsy version of this song would sound like? Nah, thats just wrong, isn't it? Still, it could be There is a Place in Hell for me mark 2? Are you reading this, Boz?

lux girl

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None of the above in the poll.
I think I'd cry with happiness if he did Reel around the Fountain.


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Who cares about Smiths songs? He should play this:
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Yup. Electric Six. He should cover a few of their tunes.

I went with Girl Afraid. One of my favorites.
barbarism begins at home girl afraid i started something i won't share you in the butt nowhere fast what what work is a 4-letter word
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