What SMiths/Moz Mix CD do you give to your friends...


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as an introductory CD for them?

Mine is this list. taken from my blog.

This is my old Moz/the Smiths Myx CD I usually share to my chosen friends (please take note of the word “chosen”; it’s an, ehem, honor) whenever I feel the need for them to grow up, or to be generous with my music taste. LOL. But as I said, I’m planning to update it with some newly discovered Smiths and Moz songs that would make you regret why you haven’t heard of the Smiths in the first place. Here they are:

First of the gang to die. The 2nd single off the you are the quarry’s album… considered by many fans to be his best single ever as a solo artist post-Vauxhall and I album… a familiar, old theme: about hooligans, this time, set in his present sanctuary, Los Angeles, and starring his newest crop of fans, the Latinos… but I prefer Irish Blood, English Heart.

I have forgiven jesus. The audacity to forgive JC! It is the voice which one must really look for in this track… the 4th single from last year’s comeback album.

Please, please, please let me get I want. In the last track, he was forgiving Jesus, but when he was still younger, in his Smiths heyday, he was pleading God to give him his desire… this is one of the most melancholic two-minute songs you will ever hear in your life.

Stretch out and wait. Moz is a pondering, lazy type of man… he dreams, he complains, he writes, he rants, and he does nothing… this song is about that.

Ask… “shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’ve want to”… the introvert, shy moz explains the intricacy of shyness in a bashful piece of pop music.

Girlfriend in a coma. His girlfriend may be in coma, yet he still can put on a smiling face, deliver superb wit, and be serious all at the same time.

Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me. The soundtrack of “morrissey and my lovelife” essay, it is the perfect soul mate song. 7 minutes of sheer loneliness and desperate optimism…

Work is a four letter word. Johnny marr blamed this for the band’s eventual demise, but I feel this is one of their best songs, albeit a covered one.

Asleep. A sad, sad song that latently fuels the idea of suicide… I love this ballad!

Dagenham dave. The single of the southpaw grammar LP… very fast, very plain, very pop, yet no one was amazed… but still a favorite of mine.

Driving your girlfriend home. A narrative of a repressed and almost regretful emotion told in a third person’s POV…

East west. A cover of herman’s hermit’s 60’s song…

Hairdresser on fire. This song is simply about a barber who can make our day bright or miserable… imagine making a song for a trivial topic such as this.

The last of famous international playboy. His tribute to the Kray Brothers. It sounded like a Smiths record actually.

The more you ignore me the closer I get. MTV supported this, and was one of his most mainstream singles ever.

Rubber ring. A song about his influence on his fans... read the lyrics.

Seasick yet sill docked. The blueprint for Radiohead’s morose songs.

Skin storm. A sex song, as one fan ably describes it. A great covered song, I say.

You just haven’t earned it yet baby. Sarcastic… Bitter... Full of hatred... But still rockingly funny.

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Based solely on my opinion of what I think is excellent/a good introduction. Taking as read that they already know TCM and HSIN etc.

Bigmouth Strikes Again: Marr tried to write their version of 'Jumpin' Jack Flash', this is arguably better. Imagine the feeling knowing you've just made something THAT good. The feeling you get listening to it is almost as good.

Death of A Disco Dancer: Fantastic, The Smiths synchronicity illustrated.

Suedehead: Simply a fantastic tune with typical Morrissey lyrics.

Driving Your Girlfriend Home: Another song that epitomises Morrissey

I Know It's Over: If it doesn't move you to tears at least once then there's something wrong with you.

A Rush And A Push: A Smiths' song without guitars, HERESY! Until you hear it. Rightly placed at Strangeways' opening.

King Leer: A Jaunty tune superbly inversed with Morrissey at his lyrical best.

The Queen Is Dead (Live): The full power of this osngs only comes across live, enough said.

Rusholme Ruffians: The best track on a magnificent album.

Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself: Morrissey's fabulous resigned, desparing ode backed by a fantastic melody. Again, best on a high quality album.

Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice: Symbolic of Moz's rockier recent stuff.

Life Is A Pigsty: DOADD of Morrissey's solo career.

At Last I Am Born: Great news for all of us!

Interesting Drug: "You wonder why that all we have is shame that enough is too much/Look around, can you blame us?" A social thesis in one song with another great tune.

Meat Is Murder: I hate it, but I would include it because you need to listen to comprehend the extent of Morrissey's beliefs.


The Smiths should mixtape defo should include

1 How soon is Now
2 Shoplifters of The world unite
3 Stop me if you think you've heard this one before
4 William it was really nothing
5 Bigmouth strikes again
6 Panic
7 Ask
8 This Charming Man
9 Still Ill
10 A rush and a push
11 Rubber Ring
12 Meat is murder
13 Last Night I dreamt that somebody loved me
14 There is a light that never goes out
15 Please let me get what I want
I've done a Smiths one, but not a Smiths/Moz combination yet. For my Smiths one I tried to start out with a few accessable, recognisable classics, then some more emotional songs and less accessable, wittier stuff, and ending with an emotional triple-whammy. I also tried to make it flow together reasonably well, with lots of peaks and troughs.

1. Panic
2. This Charming Man
3. How Soon is Now?
4. Still Ill
5. Reel Around the Fountain
6. Well I Wonder
7. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
8. The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
9. I Know It's Over
10. Girlfriend in a Coma
11. Cemetry Gates
12. That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
13. Asleep
14. Bigmouth Strikes Again
15. Half a Person
16. The Queen is Dead
17. Rubber Ring
18. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
19. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
20. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


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Making cds for friends? Whatever next?

Oh well, I've said my piece, I'm off to the Downloads Forum!


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Ah, interesting topic!

I've made two in the last few months, for people at Uni who said they heard a few Smiths song and liked it and asked me if I could borrow a CD. Dont remember the first one but the second one is still saved on my laptop. He heard and liked 'This Charming Man', 'There Is A Light', 'How Soon is Now', 'Bigmouth' and 'Boy with a thorn...'. So going off that I have him a tape consisting of:

Accept Yourself
This Charming Man
Handsome Devil
Well I Wonder
Nowhere Fast
Paint A Vulgar Picture
Girlfriend In A Coma
What Difference Does It Make?
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
Rubber Ring
Sweet And Tender Hooligan

Nice display of poppy and a little more rocky songs. Plus sort of displays how they changed/evolved. Havent given it to him yet but he seemed to like the more up tempo songs, so he should like it! Tried to keep the tempo flowing without being either too continuous or jumpy, hence Well I Wonder etc. :)
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