What perfume is Morrissey using?


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I have read in some threads that Morrissey is using:

1. Avignon by Commes Des Garcon
2. Gucci Pour Homme

What other perfumes did Morrissey use before?


Both the above I've heard said although whenever I've got hold of some shirt (more that once) and it's smelled heavily of Avignon.

I've also heard he uses Trumper's Sandalwood cologne. I've had this myself and would recommend for all deep and sensual gents, a great smell.

But if you're looking for the scent on the shirt you may have caught within in the last few years I'd suggest 'Avignon', That smell has been on all the shirts that I've caught.

Comme Des Garcons - Incense Series Avignon is available online though a shop named 'Start London'. It is a unisex fragrance which is fantastic!
A word of warning though - Morrissey smells BETTER than Avignon incense on its own. Something about his chemistry...
Trumper's sounds obscure. I will check it out.

Thanks all for the inputs! :)


I have only been to two shows, but was lucky enough to snag his collar at one of them. It smelled DIVINE. Naturally I came here to learn which scent he uses and on a visit to London walked all over until I found it at Liberty. It's Incense Avignon. I bought my husband some (which he's reluctant to use because it ain't cheap), as well as a candle. I can't bear to burn the candle and use it up, but I take deep whiffs frequently and am carried away (who needs drugs?)
you may be trying to be snarky

but perfume is a correct term to use and is not exclusive to female scents

I was teasing.. get a sense of humour transplant.. :p
My shirt-piece certainly smelled very heavily of Avignon. I know, cause I used to have a bottle. Long since used up though, and frankly it wasn't quite 'me'. But it smells very nice...

Also, everyone that cares to know probably already knows, but that previously mentioned 'Start' shop is owned by Brix Smith and her hubby.
Dolce & Gabbana. I'm wearing it tonight as well.
We are always given Sandalwood oil to wear at the beginning of my yoga class everyweek. I wish I could remember the benefits, smells wonderful though.
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