What other bands do you listen to?


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hmmmm lately Bob Dylan, The Black Keys, Oasis, The Beach Boys The National, Arcade Fire, Muse, Boards of Canada, The Chemical Brothers............
The Slits
T Rex
The Damned
Roxy Music
Joy Division
Angelic Upstarts
The Carpenters
FLaming Lips
The Stooges
Velvet Underground
The Fall
The Bags
Antony & The Johnsons
Patsy Cline
The Jam
Dead Boys
Sonic Youth
Swell Maps
Pattie Smith
Cat Power
Magnetic Fields
Christian Death
45 Grave
Johnny Cash
Toy Dolls
Dead Can Dance
Belle & Sebastian
The Antlers
The National
Tex Ritter
The Business
Angelic Upstarts
Tribe Called Quest
The Stranglers
Monochrome Set
Cock Sparrer
Desmond Dekker
The Pixies
New York Dolls
Klaus Nomi
The Quick
X ray Spex
Hank Williams
Television Personalities
4 Skins
Radiohead (Yes, Radiohead..)
Small Faces
The Roots
Scott Walker

Just to name a few....

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I drifted from having Morrissey on heavy rotation for months now. I am currently in my nerd music phase I am listening to the likes of Gary Numan (Telekon):guitar:, Ennio Morricone, The Magnetic Fields, Future Bible Heroes and Young Marble Giants. I am also on an early 80's kick right now listening to Talking Heads, catching up with Depeche Mode, listened to Siouxsie and the Banshees' Kaleidoscope and its a good album. They really defined their sound around the time of that record's release. And I can't forget Echo and the Bunnymen.


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Since '04 my main love (aside from Moz and the Smiths) has been a little-known band called Delays.

The absolute best band I know of, live and on record.


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Sharron Needles a fine, fine list, then in the middle The Carpenters? WTF.


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i'm pretty much a 60s pop music junky. so it's mainly music from the beatles, the kinks, the stones, anything phil spector produced in the 60s, girl groups (chiffons, the shirelles etc) motown groups and perfomers, the zombies, the beach boys, the byrds, syd barrett floyd, donovan, the doors, bob dylan, marianne faithfull, arthur lee and love, kaliedoscope, mamas and the papas, lovin' spoonful, carole king. i also dig 70s glam like david bowie, roxy music, queen, marc bolan. the rest being : nick drake, neil young, crosby, stills and nash, syd barrett, the ramones, echo and the bunnymen, the stone roses, the smiths (of course), split enz, skip spence, kate bush. the only modern group i listen to consistently would be fleet foxes.
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*S*U*E*D*E* LIVES! The Travelling Wilberries, Roy Orbison, E.L.O. Led Zeppelin, thats' the good stuff by Zep...the Rain Song, Going To California, When the Levy Breaks, Physical Graffiti, could go on here, ROLLING STONES, Exile On Main Street, Some Girls, Let It Bleed, Beggars Banquet, Aftermath, Black & Blue, coul go on here too. BUT hey, lets face it *T*H*E* *S*M*I*T*H*S* and that guy who sang for them rule round these parts! Is that you Morrissey?...Is this me?...
Sharron Needles a fine, fine list, then in the middle The Carpenters? WTF.

You see, I have to disagree... The Carpenters are an amazing band! Yes, on the surface a lot of the songs may seem cheesey and soppy, but the melodies are actually very good. Also I really do feel that Karen's voice was pretty f***ing amazing. She had an incredible range to her vocals, and she could also play the drums really well, which is something not many female vocalists at the time, nor now, could do.

Also, back to the songs. Yes, the lyrical content could often be seen as banal or cheesey, but there is such a deep undercurrent of sadness and tragedy to it all, obviously due to the fact that there was such a horrible and destructive illness going on. The songs are very haunting because of what Karen was going though, and her death makes them all the more poignant IMO. They were also from the next town over from my hometown where they ran in some of the same circles as my some of my friends' parents, etc., and even my father knew Richard in passing. Basically, I grew up hearing The Carpenters being played on a semi regular basis so a lot of this sticks with me because of that.

Plus, it's pretty hard to deny that Superstar is not one of the best songs ever written!

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The Mountain Goats
Jake Thackray
I Am Kloot
Hello Saferide
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele
John Grant
Jenny and Johnny
Steve Mason
Os Mutantes

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the clash, atari teenage riot, billy bragg, the specials, metallica, belle and sebastian, ladytron, siouxsie and the banshees, x-ray spex, the cure, nasenbluten, bis, pulp, bauhaus, ministry, beastie boys, paris combo, the ramones, PIL, gang of four, talulah gosh, happy mondays, architecture in helsinki, uffie, lady gaga, slayer, public enemy, sonic youth, bjork, iron maiden, bat for lashes, bloc party, the beat, minor threat, new order, sugarcubes, madonna, joy division, love like... electrocution, midnight oil, sekiden, kid606, faith no more, etc

Whoa, you don't see many gabber fans on here! I used to know Jeff Besler (DJ Tron) back in the day when he was playing a lot of hardcore parties in L.A. in the early/mid 90's, you should check him out if you haven't already. He passed away a few years ago.

ATR is great btw...

Bona Drag

whore in retirement
(Smog) / Bill Callahan
Lou Reed
Patti Smith
Micah P. Hinson
Vic Chesnutt
Bob Dylan
Tom Waits
And many, many more...
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