What Morrissey tattoo would you get?

shridan whiteside

No Hope No Harm
I know this topic has been beaten to death, but I think i have a good question regarding you having a Morrissey tattoo.
It could be a portrait of him, your favorite lyrics to one of his songs, anything. The tattoo would just appear on you, (no painful hour in a tattoo shop), and you can have it for as long as you want. You decide you don't want it anymore, it disappears.

I have a lot of tattoos myself. Places ive been, quotes, dates, etc. I also have an even 20 tattoos regarding Moz. My favorite of which is his autograph. Running the length of my right forearm. He 'autographed' it, and a half hour later, it was tattooed on.

Lets not turn this into a debate or criticize those of us who have them. Please don't post things that tattooed people already know. Such as: 'that's gonna look like shit when your 70'. Or, 'what if he pisses you off so much you end up hating him, then what?'

Just a question. How would you display your affection via a tattoo?


I wouldn't get one. Like the man himself, I opt not to. I'm comfortable enough with the skin I have. Fair play to anyone who wants to have one, but I have to be honest, most tats I see simply fail to impress. Being a bit long in the tooth I have seen trends come and go that involve tattoos. About 15 years ago you used to see women with Celtic inspired tats on the base of the back. It's telling that you don't anymore. Either they have had to scar their body to remove them,or they opt to cover up?

shridan whiteside

No Hope No Harm
Fair enough. They are certainly not for everybody. I got my first one at age 16. I draw all mine, save a few that are stenciled, so ive never regretted a one. Similar to your Celtic woman analogy, tattoos used to be worn by scary looking guys that could kick your ass. Now, literally every other guy has a sleeve of some kind, and girls have a 'slag tag'. That is why I posed the question as I did so that someone who will never get a tattoo, could say, 'well if it wont hurt, and can be gone when I want, I guess id get........?
id still be interested in knowing what you would like. Even for the sake of 'lets pretend'.

cheers to you.


My secret's my enzyme.
The lyrics to Oscillate Wildely running up my thigh.
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