What label will he sign with


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I’m clearly overly invested or mistaken but the fact this album is exists but is unreleased just makes my depression worse. I find something to enjoy in every Morrissey LP. An album is an opportunity to escape and feel new feelings.

I’d love to hear this thing soon.

Morrissey announced BOT about 6 months after being dropped from BMG. This would seem to indicate that the entire album was recorded without having a contract. Is this the first time he's done this? That is, record an album without a contract? It seems to indicate his faith in the material and from what we've heard it's good. I guess it seems strange to me that he would take the risk of self-financing an album without a contract, but then only consider traditional methods as a way to release it (especially now that's been completed for over a year). Of course, there's the possibility that he's been stuck in protracted negotiations and a new deal is pending.

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You just have to be patient. I think the follow-up to Bonfire is ready to be recorded.
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