What is your Favourite Red Wine?


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What is your favourite red wine?

Mine is definetely Hardys "Shiraz / Cabernet Sauvignon".

Very good value (normally about £5.99 per bottle) and very tasty, soft but strong enough flavour. Easy drinking. GOD, I sound like the Guardian newspaper.

Try it. It's nice.

it's got the stamp picture of a Kangaroo on the bottle.
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j funk

A good hefty Chateauneuf du Pape.


I only drink white but I kid myself into enjoying the more expensive reds like Chateauneuf, usually when I've bought them for someone else. I think I'll open my mind to reds but I don't get through them quick enough to try out different ones.


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I'm a white wine girl but if it has to be red (and sometimes it just has to be) it'll be Portugieser from the Hungarian wine region of Villány.

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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Shit, don't even start on that. Talk about crisis over nothing. I will never understand why she won't defrost bread using the defrost on the toaster.

my mom wont do that either, she is afraid that frozen bread thawing will short out the toaster :eek:
also, she still never uses the microwave, i think cuz she thinks that causes cancer :cool:


Would it be really terribly studenty of me to say that my favourite red is whichever I can get cheapest?
Tesco normally have an own brand one for around a bottle :o

Hey if you are just trying to infuse a little vino in your veins that's cool. But when you reach a point where the food you eat is enhanced by the wine you choose, you will probably become a bit more selective. It's all good either way. Just don't plop an ice cube in your red wine. :doh:
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