What is your favorite Morrissey photograph?


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This has to be in the top ten, his homage to James Dean by Andy Earl at Griffiths Observatory, Los Angeles.

Yr turn, what is your favorite Moz photo?


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Reckless Endangerment

I remember back when we first saw this image on the mainpage, and in the discussion people were debating over whether that was actually Russel Brand made up to look like Mozzer :lbf:
Some also thought that it was a still from the then upcoming vid for THPGU, in which Brand would play Mozzer.

..by the way, whatever became of that? Didn't we have legitimate word that Brand supposed to star in a Moz vid? :confused:

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These two have always been favourites. I still think Linder is his best photographer. There's one more picture I can't find with Morrissey standing in front of a Japanese sign (not the sex shops) wearing a dark blazer and perhaps the Wilde t-shirt.

The third one is just a recent one I thought was really nice -- very relaxed.
basicallyfrink photo wutswrongwthat!
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