What is your favorite John Hughes film?

Favorite Hughes flick?

  • Sixteen Candles

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  • Home Alone (series)

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  • Vacation (series)

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  • Some Kind Of Wonderful

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  • Weird Science

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  • Other

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making lemonade
A writer, director, and producer... Hughes has brought us some of the most memorable films about teen angst, coming of age, and dysfunctional familes. Can you pick just one fave? It'll be difficult, I'm sure. Tell us your second and third picks too, if ya like. :)

drunken goldfish

blah blah fishcakes
Hard one... I went for The Breakfast Club cause I've seen it the most and it's the most quotable. Sixteen Candles is a close second and Ferris Bueller is third. The only thing I don't like about Sixteen Candles is that Farmer Ted has sex with the prom queen when she's nearly passed out, where I come from that's called rape. But that's the only flaw.
i voted for the matthew brodrick film as that is the only one i've watched.
not a fan of mr hughes work, quite like planes, trains etc when steve martin is having a go at the women at the counter.
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