Question What is the origin of "famous when dead"?



I think those words are credited to Catullus, "Let him become more and more famous when dead"

As far as I can tell, it was linked to Morrissey under the title of a bootleg live album released in 1992

Then, Morrissey wore a FAMOUS WHEN DEAD pin in 1994. Did Morrissey take it from the bootleg? Who named the bootleg that and why? Who produced the badge?

Thank you in advance for any insights.
While there may be a connection between the bootleg album and his adoption of the phrase (I think it also appears in Autobiography), it's difficult to ascertain if he took it directly from the bootleg or if he independently embraced the sentiment expressed in Catullus' poetry and the bootleg title.
I think...maybe there is a Kill Uncle era pic of him holding up a sign that says it
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