What is the meaning of the song 'Brow of My Beloved?'

Anon isn’t a failed c***. Anon is very kindly donating their time and goodwill in order to rather successfully (and graciously) translate for you what everyone else on the site apart from Viva is thinking, when you post and no one else apart from selfless anon can bothered to drain the last micro remnants of their will to live, by engaging with you in any way

I almost feel bad for him but it's the combination of his three main traits that prevents that. First he comes across as so pitiful that I honestly do feel sorry for him. But then he is always writing some pseudointellectual nonsense where he is using the most stilted language of anyone on this board. Is he in a contest with Uncleskinny to use up every word in the thesaurus? And his third trait is that he's always making it so clear that he just doesn't care what anyone thinks of him at all when he's clearly invested in what people think, especially his main boo, you know who. If he was just a low-ranking troll seeking attention I wouldn't bother to reply but instead of taking this opportunity to remind us that he's an expert on film and Morrissey's lyrics he could have just PM'ed for a dick pic and saved us all the embarrassment of reading that.

...borderline bizarre. I don't know who any of you people are other than suspected many-times-reincarnated posters here. I barely post here anymore. What the hell is it exactly that I did that makes you have such contempt for me? It's f***ing weird.

What was my crime in this thread to merit being mocked...because I answered the OP's question? Or what about the other thread that netted so much bile in my direction...why? Because I did an interview with another forum member?

Don't get me wrong...I'll be fine, LOL. But since you clearly keep wanting to engage me in conversation and/or mention me, let's try to talk about this like adults.

On the one hand, yeah, I realize it's stupid to bestow attention on you people because in your warped minds it's some kind of validation but on the other hand it's so strange that you have such contempt for someone you've never met and only are aware of because of occasional posts on a Morrissey fansite...you have nothing better to do?

You want to talk about pitiful? OK...that's pretty pitiful.

I mean I really don't get it. Must be because I'm too stupid and "pseudo intellectual"...whatever the hell that means. And yeah I know what it means but what does it mean in regard to me? That I occasionally use big words you don't understand? Um...sorry.

I mean seriously; what do you people get out of talking to me like this? What am I supposed to do? Kill myself because some turd that lives half a world away is being a c*** to me on the internet? Should I go run and cry because I don't find favor with fat-ass Rifke? LOL. Somebody on here straight up calls me "unattractive" and "cringe"...I mean good God almighty; it's borderline mental. Who the hell behaves that way? And what in the hell do you imagine that your approximation of me has to do with my life? You're like monkeys tossing shit from a cage at the unencumbered civilized humans walking past you, amused at you picking each other's asses....

I'm really trying trying to understand.

And I don't mean I can't understand why some people on here don't like me...that's fine. I just mean I don't get the...what's the word...preternatural obsession some of you have with shit talking me. It's odd. In a million years I wouldn't act that way. Are your lives seriously that thwarted and empty?


But, I mean, hey. Whatever floats your boats, weirdos. I'm just here to have fun.
I remember a really long time ago (like 27 years ago) arguing with a gay friend of mine who insisted that Driving Your Girlfriend Home was sung from the point of view of a male who was secretly seeing the boyfriend (and lyrical recipient) of the eponymous girlfriend. But I never heard it that way and still don't. I heard it as a straight guy articulating the woe of the romantically/existentially unfulfilled female he was escorting home, and maybe falling in love with her in the process, especially given his appraisal of her vulnerable emotional state.

Maybe we hear what makes sense to us. I don't know.

I'll have to listen to Brow again. I think maybe I just don't think it's that great of a song, so admittedly I haven't scrutinized it. I like it better than most of High School, but that's not saying much....

I took it to mean he's bored with Damon. Who actually is 'always so furrowed,' looks 'always the same' and does not appear to be a bundle of laughs. In public, at any rate. Perhaps he's a riot at home, in which case I take it all back. Okay, a bit snipey, I admit it. But then, settling scores via song is rather Morrissey's speciality.
Where do you get all that from? The song is barely about anything.

I think it's a pretty straightforward latter-day Morrissey-by-numbers song. He pines lazily for someone; he blames X-reason he can't have the one he pines for....in this case, it's because he's "stuck with you know who" which some have taken to be a lover he's bored but complacent with, but which I interpret as being a reference to himself.

It's a less potent rewrite of My Dearest Love...not to mention about 800 other songs he's done which are also better.

I'd agree with this; I took it he was referring to himself as 'you know who'.
I’m aware. I can read, I’m not the OP.

Bobby may not know, but Vivian knows...

I've read a few things which consider the aids angle, but others stray elsewhere into other theories.
I've read a few things which consider the aids angle, but others stray elsewhere into other theories.

I entered nothing
(I didn’t have butt sex with anyone)
And nothing entered me
(No one had butt sex with me)
Until you came with the key
(His penis came in Morrissey’s butt)
And you did your best but
(Morrissey thinks his butt was the best butt)
As I live in breathe you have killed
(I have AIDS now)
Yes, I walk around somehow but you have killed me
(I have AIDS and I’m dying slowly because of butt sex)
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