What is the first Morrissey/Smiths record you ever heard/owned?


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"How Soon is Now?" is one of the first pieces of music I recall/am conscious of hearing.


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First heard - This Charming Man on the BBC Top 40 show, I decided that I didn't like it much, but it intrigued me as it was like nothing else at the time.

First purchase was Hatful Of Hollow from the record stall at the Glasgow Savoy Centre - laregely due to the budget price.

Technically it was What Difference Does It Make? which was on one of the first Now That's What I Call Music LP's.

Later bought Meat Is Murder, The Queen Is Dead on day of release and by that point The Smiths were the centre of the universe and the back catalogue was bought up as quickly as my paper round allowed me to afford, and I was writing essays about Suffer Little Children in my O level English class with the Queen Is Dead t-shirt only ever removed to accomodate the Boy Eating Ice Lolly one.

Those were the days...


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I bought "The Queen is Dead" after I'd read an article somewhere slagging Morrissey off, probably in 2003/4. I wanted to see for myself what The Smiths were about. Some years later I got into Morrissey's solo material.

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I think the first Moz song I heard was Interesting Drug, actually I saw the video. The boys in high heels made quite an impression...Then a few years later, I finally got Your Arsenal for my birthday. The end.


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My boyfriend said that if I wanted to go out with him I had to listen to Viva Hate and then call him and tell him why it was so awesome and so I did. :) Me and him and his best friend Wayne went to six shows on the ROTT tour!!!

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First song I heard was Heaven Knows in the mid '80s.

First album I borrowed was Strangeways in 1990.

First album I bought was Kill Uncle in 1991.


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The 1st albums I bought or heard were the Smiths Best Of's I and II. Only got them b/c i was ordering from one of those Columbia House, order like 15 CD's for a penny and refuse to buy any more later deals, back in like '93. My friend's older sister was into them and I decided to add that to my list of, looking back now, some really embarrassing choices. lol I actually didn't like The Smiths at first though. I remember putting on songs like This Charming Man and William and being like "um....wtf is this?"
For some reason, when I did another of those deals from BMG, I picked up Bona Drag and Your Arsenal and from the first few notes of Piccadilly Palare, I was hooked. Lead me to go back and revisit the Smiths and it's been 16 yrs of obsession ever since.


I first heard Strangways here we come- and fell in love with it :)


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I remember hearing/seeing This Charming Man on radio and Top of the Pops

In the days of "record tokens" I bought the 12-inch of "Heaven Knows...." on a bit of a whim really. Viv Nicholson on the cover, Suffer Little Children and Still Ill (I think) on the flip side. I haven't got it any more, sadly but that was the start of the longest love affair I've ever had.......


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The first Smiths album I ever heard was The Smiths, in 1984.

It is still my favorite Smiths album (despite the awful production); it is so dark, and his lyrics were sublime. I'll never forget how I felt when I first heard Morrissey "yip." :o It's hard to describe how novel his persona was, and how visceral his impact.

I didn't appreciate then how much it meant to me 'til many years later. I don't listen to pop albums for more than a few months, and once I stop listening to an album that's it, forever. Sometime around the early 00s, however, I found myself really craving The Smiths - they were the only band from that period that I wanted to hear again.


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Funny... I remember standing in a Sam Goody in the mall, holding Louder Than Bombs and The Queen Is Dead, dividing the price by the number of songs, deciding on Louder Than Bombs. It was really expensive, something like $28- 20 years ago. Do you have any idea how long I had to work to make that much money? I just checked and that's about $43 in today's dollars. It would have been a whole week's paycheck after taxes, or two or three long nights of babysitting.

It was worth it.

Oh yes, definitely worth it :) I was 19. And with not a lot of money coming in, like you. I really thought carefully about which to buy. Also, I've just remembered, seeing how many of the songs were repeated, and thinking whether I wanted the live versions or studio...such a complicated decision it turned out to be :p

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2000. The Smiths Best I and II. Pennyless, but needy, I saw myself obliged to nick them from my brother who has never forgiven me for that , not even after I bought him The Sound of the Smiths last Christmas as a present. :D


It was There Is a Light on Jan 8,2003 via a friend...it took me a couple months til I investigated further...bought my 1st Smiths CD Singles March 13,2003:) cos it was the only one I could find that had BOTH There Is and GIAC as those 2 were my faves 1st listen and Moz Best Of April 26,2003. I knew that was it for me!:D Instant faves were Interesting Drug, Everyday... and Suedehead of course.:p


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A co-worker in 1989 gave me a copy of The Smiths on cassette :eek: TAPE! I was immediately hooked. I bought Bona Drag on tape in 1990 too :o 'twas all my car would play.

I bought Kill Uncle in 1991 (on CD!) KU was a time in my life that I commuted 3 hours to & from the City every day for work, all the while listening to Moz on my walkman. I moved to Chicago in 1991, bought Rank and Viva Hate and saw Morrissey in concert. It was a very good year. :) I got Smiffs Best of 1 & 2 soon thereafter and would agree those compilations will reel in any wannabe fan!
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ok, i figured it all out
i first heard

this, made a copy of the person's who album it was
but since i was a poor kid, i did not buy my own smiths album until

this came out...


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Viva Hate. My friend Jeremy was listening to it in his car one day when he picked me up. I kept making fun of "how bad this guy sounded". he said" Morrissey will change your life". I said "yeah sure" and we kept on. It started to annoy me a bit, he kept singing along to it/him. Finally, at the end of the night, he drops me off @ my house, hands me Viva Hate and says" Here, this will change YOUR life". It sat on my dresser for about 2 weeks, I was @ home one night, bored, and thought" Maybe I should give this a listen again". I did so, and kept listening to it, must've played it 50 times that night, over and over, and finally I agreed that Morrissey would change my life. From that moment on, I became a huge Morrissey/Smiths fan, that was in 1991. I was more of a Morrissey fan, than the Smiths @ first.
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