What is the best Smiths/Moz song covered by another band?


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I prefer Billy Bragg's version of Never Had No-One Ever to the original. That's my favourite Moz cover.
I've yet to hear a How Soon Is Now cover that totally stinks. Even that one from 'Charmed' has a certain 'charm'. But Tatu & Snake River Conspiracy's HSIN are top of that little list.

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MUSE Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want.

This was my first thought, but then I was reminded of.....

Clayhills cover of Please, Please, though not a popular cover I actually like it.

That is stunning. Absolutely beautiful. His voice is just...*speechless*. Yep, this is my fave. Thanks for the reminder. I haven't listened to it in a while, but I will now :)


I just remembered about The Beautiful South's Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now. My God, that is truly awful.


In December I was listening to Danny Baker show on BBC London, Danny started playing Beautiful South's cover, but Amy Lame who is a huge Morrissey fan stopped it.

Hurrah to Amy. :D


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I liked Arcade Fire's cover of 'Still Ill'.

I heard them play it live in Newcastle & no one seemed to know what song it was & I was going CRAZY!!!

I was high on life for about three minutes singing along evey word!

Radiohead's version of "The Headmaster Ritual" is actually suprisingly quite good, even though I dont like Radiohead.
Yeah i have a recording of Arcade Fire's still ill and it's pretty good
but my favourite is Muse's 'Please, please, please...'
I do not like Mark Ronson's 'Stop Me' it's horrible and what's worse is that I know a lot of people who really like his version but haven't even heard of The Smiths. I can only despair.
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