What is the appeal of Morrissey in 2016? Deep ass questions by Daniel Dylan Wray - Noisey/Vice

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    WHAT IS THE APPEAL OF MORRISSEY IN 2016? - Noisey/Music by Vice
    By Daniel Dylan Wray

    The name Morrissey means a lot of things to a lot of different people, ranging drastically on a scale of icon to moron. Whilst his contributions to music, both through The Smiths and as a solo artist, have been undeniably huge, new levels of exacerbation are reached with every new Mozza interview, public statement or general reappearance he makes.

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    1. Anonymous
      Opinion Seems pretty consistent among them. I don't agree with him but he's entitled to his opinion and he's still talented, he's honest and true to himself etc. I don't think people find his comments as outrageous as the media portrays them to get readers
    2. g23
      What's the appeal? Dwindling. Still love the music, but I'm mainly fascinated by the train-wreck anymore.
    3. butley
      Forgive my ignorance, I live outside the UK, and don't know much about Farage. He does seem like a tool but is he really that racist?
      Morrissey's comment about Sadiq Ali isn't racist either. People are so reactionary.
      George Galloway seems sound to me.
    4. marred
      Or the small number of fans here that get so easily upset every time he opens his mouth. They're as bad as the journalists.
    5. Bobmoz
      I use to find him very appealing when I was younger and what he said made a lot of sense but now not so much. He overly victimizes himself and puts the blame on his short comings on other people way to much. His political statments can be interesting but pointless. His whole vegetarian thing people understand and get it, the whole thing is out there it's not the 1980s where it wasn't as present or a difficult to do as it was back then people now have a bevy of options of how they wanna be vegetarian, it's overdone by him now he tries to stuff the idea down people throats it's as bad as religious folks preaching God to you. I do think he is out of touch.
    6. Anonymous
    7. Bobmoz
      Well ok I still don't care if your vegetarian or not or if anyone is I'm still gonna eat a steak at the end of the day, just like religion to try to make someone feel guilty about things and choices in life and that they should live by they're standards. If your vegetarian that's fine and dandy, I still don't care.

    8. Uncleskinny
      Yes, Farage and UKIP are racist. Here's a good summary of the cretins:

    9. Anonymous
      If you don't care why do you get so angry? :crazy:
    10. Bobmoz
      I'm not angry I just don't care, your cause isn't mine and because I don't care about your cause annoys you. I'm not the one taking the time to put up pictures of tweets about how some video changed them to be vegetarian. Like I said in my first post about his vegetarian message we get it, he's vegetarian and he wants everyone to be too. The message is overkill now because we know what it's about nor does it change, the story is old but it still goes on.
    11. Anonymous
      short arsed twat who lost his cedibiliy years ago
    12. g23
      In 8016? I'll play along, but let's be reasonable. In say- 2045, he'll be dead. He'll enjoy the luxury of any dead rock star, in that his music will be all that remains, and he will be a mystery again. Sure, there will be books and blah blah, but for those who haven't read them, he'll regain what he has thrown away in recent years, which is his mystery, and to a large degree- the goodwill and esteem which people held him in. He's a curious case file, that one.
    13. Anonymous
      Shut up you thick bot
    14. Anonymous
      I don't know I dislike mystery myself or at least don't find it that interesting in music. He will however in death be rewritable. People will be free to remember him how they want without him getting in the way and theyLl be able to justify there love of his work again without conflict and his stock will rise
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    15. Anonymous
      A woman's opinion of Morrissey:

      He is everything most men now a days are not. He is fun, sly but in a good way, drop dead gorgeous, he was stunning from the front row, and he really loves animals. I am sure he is really really high maintenance but most people are in their own way. He really enjoys toying with people which i find amusing.
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    16. Morrissey_Sucks
      Zero current appeal. Like watching your drunk, gay uncle at a wedding reception. Just clinging on to the old stuff.
    17. countthree
      You must have a crush with your drunk gay uncle because you are here.
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    18. Anonymous
      HA HA ! FOUND YOU !
      Don't be shy ! It's good to talk ! (About CrankFraudism)

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    19. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      To answer the question: Same as it was in any other year. Or even bigger.
      It does not get less or more by the number of people liking or disliking him.
      The quality of the appeal is hardly measurable and always debatable.

      I don't like journalists who are making up assumptions distilled from the answers they get.
      Many journalists seem to like to write down what the public thinks. Or what they assume what the public thinks.
      Writers write down what the public don't want to know and don't want to think. (Well, the good ones, I hope)

      There are 2 different kinds of journalists: one that is digging and digging.
      And the other one who is throwing the digged up stuff back into it's place. They are both at the same spot at the same time.

      I noticed journalists that like to be as close as possible to powerful people.
      They want to be part of that power or at least to be regarded as part of that elite.
      They want to distinguish themselves.
      And it does have effect on the quality of their output and independency.

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